What Are The Guppy Internal Parasite Symptoms?

Guppies are beautiful to behold, it is difficult to believe their body can host any parasite, but you don’t need to be scared because all their diseases can be cured.

Below are parasites that affect guppies and the best way to cure them. I hope you know it is better to prevent parasites than treating ailments. Below are internal parasites symptoms

What Are The Guppy Internal Parasite Symptoms

i) Stress: This can affect guppies in many ways; it weakens their immune system while permitting infections and parasites. There are many reasons guppies can be stressed, they range from environmental and other factors.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to provide adequate hiding space in the aquarium, then avoid overcrowding in the tank/aquarium. Ensure there is a heater in the aquarium that can keep the aquarium water stable because of fluctuating temperature also stress guppies.

Moreover, we cannot overemphasize the essence of peaceful co-existence among fish. Some of the species that stress guppies are angel, barb, gourami, beta fish and the likes should not be stocked in same aquarium with guppies to avoid stress.

Low water quality is one of the reasons fish are stressed, irregular changing of water leads to stress in guppies. 30-70% changing of water is advisable. The aquarium water must be chlorine-free, do everything to monitor the water PH, all these will ensure your guppies live a stress-free life.

2) Whitish Spot: This is popularly known as ich or ick. It is the symptom of the most prevalent parasite that affects guppies, the white spot is caused by ciliate protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis which is an ectoparasite and it is easy to discover due to the spot it leaves on the fish. Below is what you should do if you notice this ailment among your guppies.

Gradually increase the temperature of the aquarium water to 80 F

Visit a veterinary store to buy a drug that cures ich or measure and add one teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon

Ensure the drug is given daily, and 80 F temperature is maintained for five days at least.

After the five to seven days, slowly reduce the temperature back to what it was before increasing it to 80 F

Drain up to 70% of the aquarium water then apply salt around the tank. If you follow these steps, ciliate protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis will be eradicated.

3) Velvet disease: This disease is almost the same as ich though it leaves guppies with gold-colored dots, and it is contagious. It can wipe out your aquarium within few days if urgent steps are not taken. One of the reasons you have to pay close attention to your aquarium is because of internal parasite, velvet disease makes fish bleed and later peel their skin.

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If you detect early, there is a medicine called a copper medication that should be applied to the aquarium while lights are turned off, and 90% water i drained then with few days velvet disease will leave your aquarium.


Above are symptoms of internal parasites in guppies while protozoan is also a known disease of guppies that also comes with symptoms.

It attacks the fish skin then move to their muscle and then bloodstream though this is caused when an aquarium is consistently dirty. Introduce Malachite Green or Formalin to your aquarium immediately you notice they are diagnosed with protozoan, and it is advisable to change the water regularly.

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