Why Do I Need Aquarium Dechlorinator

Why Do I Need Aquarium Dechlorinator?

For fishes to thrive, they need an enabling environment. An environment particular to their natural habitat: a non-toxic environment that will encourage overall wellbeing and growth. There are a lot…

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Can You Put a Fish Tank On a Shelf

Can You Put a Fish Tank On a Shelf?

If you’ve just set up your fish tank, chances are you’re looking for a suitable place to keep it. Aquarium owners often wonder about the best place for their aquarium….

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Why Do My Guppies Have White Spots

Why Do My Guppies Have White Spots?

White spot in guppies is a disease called (Ich or Ichthyophthirius multifiliis). This is a parasitic disease that is widespread among aquarium fish. This disease starts when a parasite called…

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Is Algae Good For Guppies

Is Algae Good For Guppies?

You don’t need much to satisfy guppies. All you need is to provide a clean environment with adequate space and a moderate supply of food, not overfeeding, and then you…

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