What Are The Tiny Black Worms In My Fish Tank?

Tiny Black Worms In My Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank is both interesting and demanding. It is especially demanding. You have to carry out regular maintenance procedures for the fish. You also need to feed them and change the water whenever you need to. But that is not all.

The tiny black worms in your tank is a sign that there is some sort of problem with your tank that needs to be resolved ASAP.  These black worms are parasites and you will need to take action strait away to get rid of them. 

But are there really any foreign bodies in your fish tank that can depreciate the health of your fishes. If there are, how do they get there?

Black Worms In My Fish Tank: What Are They?

Those tiny black worms could be anything. This could range from bristle worms to flatworms to planaria or other parasites. You can determine this by studying the appearance of the tiny black worms in your fish tank.

For instance, if you observe segments and some hair on the body of the worms, they can be bristle worms.

However, if what you observe isn’t segmented and has a head that is a triangular shape, then you are most probably dealing with planaria.

Planaria are the most common black worms in your fish tank.

More On Identifying Worms In Your Fish Tank

If your tank is newly set up, there are chances that you might be dealing with mosquito larvae and not real worms. How do you know? Really simple!

Most of those other black worms exist in overfeed tanks. Generally, in tanks that have been together for a long while.

In any case, to identify the worms in your fish tank, you might want to check on the body of the worms. Check if the tiny black worm has segments or not and classify as earlier discussed.

How Do Worms Get To Fish Tanks?

Most of the time, tiny black worms get into your fish tank when you’re overfeeding your fish. The deal is that when you overfeed your fish, you give them enough to thrive on.

When you continue to overfeed your fish, you’ll be surprised at how much the tiny black worms can get in your fish tank.

Are The Tiny Black Worms Dangerous To My Fish?

Most tiny black worms are generally harmless. A lot of hobbyists that have had experience with these worms believe that they are not dangerous to your fish and that they won’t hurt them at all.

However, other hobbyists wear a sentiment of dislike for the presence of these black worms in their fish tank. They want them to go by every means possible.

The only threat black worms might pose to your fish is the possibility of eating your fish eggs. So, if you’re dealing with tiny black worms here, it might be wise to think about getting rid of them.

The decision to keep your worms or to let them go depends totally on you. If you love them, well, good for you. If you don’t, however, you can try out the already highlighted techniques to get rid of them.

Are There Only Black Worms In Fish Tank?

No, not only tiny black worms are present in fish tanks. There are lots of other worms that find their way into it. White worms, grey worms, red worms also one way or the other get into the fish tank.  So, if you’re seeing some different colors of worms in your fish tank, don’t be too surprised.

When these worms get into the fish tank, they exhibit similar behavioral properties to the black worm.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Little Worms In My Fish Tank?

One option would be to change the water in your tank. However, that would only be a temporary fix.

Other options you should consider include:

  • Keep your tank clean: If you want to get rid of the black worms in your fish tanks, you first need to know where they are. After you have identified that these black worms are present, you can go on to take critical actions against them. One of them could involve taking down the tank and cleaning it the whole tank.
  • Don’t overfeed your fishes: When dealing with a small tank, taking down the tank might sound like a reasonably great idea to rid them of black worms. But what happens when you are dealing with a much larger tank? What do you do in this case?

Well, there’s a trick to it, and it’s really straightforward. All you have to do is to reduce the way you feed your fishes.

The trick is that these black worms flourish when there’s enough food to thrive on. When you stop feeding your tank, these black worms will die off on their own.

  • Use Copper: This is an extreme measure you can take against the black worms if they don’t go away. It is not the best option though- it’s just worth knowing. Adding copper to your fish tank might cause more issues- especially if you have some fish in your tank.

There are lots of fishes that are really sensitive to these additions. Also, copper is very bad for Shrimps, snails, crustaceans, and a lot of other life forms in general.

So, if you really want to use copper, it’s up to you. But you must be ready to deal with the complications that may arise from it.


Now, these methods of getting rid of your worms would work. However, you might not be able to get rid of those worms entirely. As long as you keep overfeeding your fish, it is almost sure that the worms will keep coming back.

Prevent Your Fish Tank From The Tiny Black Worms

You must maintain a high level of hygiene for your fish tank. Clean it from time to time. Most importantly, don’t overfeed your fishes. The tiny black worms in your fish tank don’t have to be there. And they wouldn’t be- if you take the proper measures against them.

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