Tuxedo Guppy

Tuxedo Guppy

Temperament : Peaceful
Colour : Typically Black and White
Diet : Fish Flakes, Blood Worm, Java Moss
Adult Size : 2 inches or 6 cm
Lifespan : 2-3 Years
Water Temperature : 64° – 82° F or 18° – 27.7° C
Water Ph : 5.5-8.0
Tank Size : Min 10 Gallon

Tuxedo Guppies are very good looking fish and are a close relative to the common guppy.  In this article I will cover everything you need to know about Tuxedo Guppies.

Tuxedo Guppies feature two contrasted colours between the front and back on their body. Usually the front of the guppy has the lighter colour whilst the back part of the guppy has the darker colour, These colours make the guppy look like they are wearing a tuxedo.

Life Span

The average life span of a tuxedo guppy is 2 – 3 years.  To maximise the life time of your fish it is very important to keep them in ideal conditions which I will cover below.

Recommended Water Conditions

There are two water conditions you need to monitor, Temperature and PH levels.


The Tuxedo guppy is a tropical fish and it needs water temperature of between 77f to 80f to thrive.  Guppies can survive in water temperatures lower than 77f as they are able to easily adapt to water changes, but they will not thrive at this temperature and are more likely to be open to diseases and less likely to breed.

PH Level

The ideal PH Level for these guppies is 7.8 to 8, again the guppies will survive in PH levels outside this range but they will not thrive.  You can monitor your aquariums water using a PH water tester kit available on amazon

Tank Size

You will need roughly 2 gallons of water for one adult tuxedo guppy. These guppies are expected to grow up to 2 inches in size when they become adults.  It is recommended to have 1 gallon of water for every inch of fish you are keeping.

These fish also prefer to live in groups, It is not recommended to keep these fish on there own. So make sure you plan ahead how many fish you will keep and how many gallons you will require.

Fish Size

The average size of a fully grown adult tuxedo guppy is 2 inches.  Most guppies will grow a bit smaller with a small amount growing a bit larger than 2 inches.  For a guppy to thrive you need to keep them in ideal water conditions (Listed above) and feed them regular.


When feeding your tuxedo guppies you should give them enough fish flakes that they can eat for 30 – 60 seconds once or twice a day.  If they take longer than 60 seconds to eat all the food then you are over feeding them.

It is recomended to feed your guppies fish flakes as this will provide a good balanced diet for them.  If you want to feed your guppies a treat you can give them Blood Worm, Java Moss or vegetables such as broccoli.

For more information about feeding guppies take a look at this articles

Breeding Tuxedo Guppies

Tuxedo guppies are one of the easiest fish to breed and is perfect for beginners.  It is recommended to start of with a single male guppy and three to five female guppies.

The female guppies will be pregnant for around 20 – 30 days.  You need to be careful as guppies will keep on getting pregnant and having more off springs and soon your aquarium will be  over run with guppies.

Guppies will eat there fry (Baby guppies) so it is important to have many hiding places in your tank for them to hide.

Once you have enough guppies in your tank you should separate the male and female guppies so they can not reproduce again.  For more information about guppy pregnancy view this article here

Compatible Tank Mates

Tuxedo guppies are tropical fish and require warm water to live in (64° – 82° F)  and a water Ph level of 5.5-8.0 so any fish you want to add to your tank will need to be comfortable with these conditions.

Perfect tank mates for tuxedo guppies will include mollies, catfish, platies, gold fish, sword tails, Harlequin Rasboras.  The tuxedo guppy is one of the most compatible fish you can get and is highly recommended for beginners.

Cost Of Tuxedo Guppy

The typical cost of a tuxedo guppy is between 3 – 10 usd. The cost varys due to there being many different types / colours of this guppy.  The most important factor for the cost of this guppy is the colour.  Neon Blue and Black / White guppies are most popular and will cost you around 3 – 5 usd while Yellow Tuxedo Guppies are typically the most expensive which will cost you around 10 usd.




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