Do Koi Fish Like to Be Pet? Is It Ok To Do?

Have you ever wondered if you could pet a koi fish? Do you want to know how you could do it? In this article, you’ll learn how human-friendly koi fish are and if they like to be pet by their owners.

Some Koi fish do like to be pet.  Koi are very intelligent social fish that enjoy being in schools and can even recognize the one who feeds them every day. As odd as it may sound, koi fish may come up to see you or to get a little pet now and again.

Do Koi Fish Like to Be Pet

How to Pet A Koi Fish Safely

Obviously, you can’t just pick a fish up and stroke it, like you could with a cat or dog. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pet your koi fish at all, it’s just going to be different.

You’ll need to start by building a friendship with your fish, and the best way to do that is to offer them food. When you’ve created a bond, the fish start will come to you. This is the best time to try physical contact.

When they come to the surface, try touching them. Be aware that a fish popping out of the water often isn’t for your entertainment, but it’s actually a signal of oxygen loss.

Continue this every time you feed them to build a routine. Your koi fish will come to recognize you when you come to feed them. Eventually, you will be able to stick your hand in the water for the koi to swim past and brush against your hands.

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Do Koi Fish Recognize Their Owners?

Like most animals, koi will recognize whoever feeds them. As mentioned, they’ll associate you with eating, which is what they initially recognize.

Indeed, koi a will recognize who they are bonded with, meaning who takes care of them. This won’t happen immediately, of course. Remember that this recognition and eventual bond comes with trust. If your fish is stressed or scared, it won’t want to interact with you at all.

Koi fish are among the most intelligent fish and they are also very social. It’s common for them to play with each other, and in their own way, their owners as well.

As we’ve said, your fish will know you after you’ve spent time bonding with them through feeding and time spent with them. They don’t see the fine details of your face, but they do recognize your body shape and your voice.

Why Are Koi Fish So Friendly?

Of all pond fish, koi are the friendliest with humans and are often likely to interact with them. Not only will they eat out of your hand, but they will let you touch them, and as we’ve said, may even come when you call.

A koi fish won’t be as friendly as a dog. It won’t jump up to give you a kiss, but they do tend to recognize their caregivers, and show their appreciation in their way, by letting you touch them and by being closer to you when they know you’re around.

Koi are more typically friendly with humans because they are well-adjusted to human contact. If your fish have been handfed, this increases that chance even more. It’s also important to note that a healthy fish is always a happier fish. Make sure to keep a clean pond for them, and they will thank you for it!

Can Fish Hear You Talk?

They may not understand, but your koi fish can definitely hear you talk. Further, it’s even been said that if you give your fish names, they will even come to you when you call.

Fish hear much differently than us. Their hearing involves the sound waves vibrating through the water. Truthfully, your fish can always hear you, but whether or not they like you enough to care is up to you.

When a fish, or any animal for that matter, relates you with food, then you cease to be a threat. This allows them to start trusting you. As we said, a koi fish that trusts you won’t only hear you when you talk, but it will positively react to the sound of your voice by coming to the top of the water to say hello.