Can Koi Carp Eat Dog Food? It Is Safe For Them To Eat?

Are you running out of fish food for your koi?

Do you have any other alternative to keep it from starving? Are you thinking of feeding your dog food to them?

You have everything you need to know about koi fish and dog food in this article.

Can Koi Carp Eat Dog Food?

Koi carp can eat dog
food and it is not dangerous for your koi fish and will do them no harm. However, koi fish have difficulty in digesting protein, the type of protein found in dog food.

Can Koi Carp Eat Dog Food

Is it Safe to Feed Koi Fish Dog Food?

Dog food is safe for koi fish when you feed it to them in the right quantity and proportion. Koi fish will feed on virtually everything you feed to them, including dog foods, which is why most people refer to them as “the dogs of the sea.” You have to feed them to your koi fish as snacks; treat them to dog food once in a while.

Dog food does not provide any special nutritional value to your koi fish and will neither harm nor hurt them if you give it to them once in a while. If you feed dog food to your koi fish regularly, they will not attain their potential growth and lack many basic survival nutrients. You can decide to or not feed dog food to your koi fish, but if you will, you should feed it to them occasionally.

Can Koi Eat Wet Dog Food?

Dog food is good for your koi fish, although it will neither harm nor add any special nutritional benefit to your fish. Feeding wet dog food to your koi fish is not a problem. There is a high chance the food will get wet before your koi fish eat it as you will drop the food in the water.

The wet dog food will get easily digested in koi fish, although they find it difficult to digest the protein found in dog food. Try to avoid making dog food the main meal for your koi fish as it will deprive your fish of many benefits. Your koi fish will not hesitate to eat dog food when they come across it, so you should be the one to help control the consumption.

Can Koi Eat Dry Dog Food?

Your koi will eat dry
dog foods, but it will be better to make them a little wet before feeding it to them. The dry dog food can cause the fish to take in air, which can be dangerous to its health. You also have to avoid extensive feeding of dry dog food to your koi fish as prolonged feeding can cause the fish some health issues.

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What Can I Feed My Koi Fish Besides Fish Food?

There are varieties of food you can feed your koi fish aside from fish food. You can feed them with bugs and insects as they provide high nutritional value for your fish. You can also feed them with plants and algae, and you do not have to worry as your koi will gladly eat them.

Koi fish will eat anything you give to them as long as it is edible to them, so you do not have to worry much about the food to give them. Some koi fish will even eat people’s food, and they will eat cereals, rice, peas, etc. They will also feed on fruits like watermelon and other foods like shrimps, lettuce, etc.


Your koi fish will eat dog food when you feed it to them. These foods are not that nutritious to koi and not also harmful to them. You have to occasionally feed it to them and in small quantities for the best health of your koi fish.


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