Do Frogs Eat Minnows? {Separate or Keep Them?}

Do you have frogs in your minnow’s pond? Are you wondering do frogs eat minnows?

Do you still want to keep your minnows and frogs in the same tank?

You will get to know more about frogs and minnows in this article.

Do Frogs Eat Minnows?

Yes, Frogs will eat minnows, guppies, and other fish as long as they are small and the frogs can catch them. They can also feed on other smaller organisms like slugs, worms, and even snails.

Keeping your minnows alive should be your main concern when keeping frogs and minnows together.

Your frogs will want to eat the minnows, especially if the minnows are of small size and also within the frog’s reach.

How to Prevent Frogs from Eating Minnows

You have to keep your minnows safe from your frogs.

Here are few ways to prevent frogs from eating your minnows;

1. Add plants and structures

  • One way you can prevent frogs from eating minnows is by adding plants and other structures in the tank.
  • The plants and structures will help the minnows hide from frogs during an attack.
  • You can also add decorations to the tank to increase their safety.

2. Size of the pond

  • The pond’s size is also one of the things to consider when keeping frogs from eating minnows. If the pond is small, it will contain only a few organisms, making no frog space.
  • If there are tadpoles in the pond, the minnows will eat them up as they will have little space to escape and grow.

3. Vegetation

  • The vegetation in your pond should be the type that discourages frogs from coming to it.
  • They will also not breed in places that do not support their young ones.
  • It will give your minnows the chance to be free from frog attacks.

You have to provide the necessary conditions to keep your frogs away from your minnows. You can also cover the pond to keep frogs away from the tank. Also, remove every food tadpoles can eat from the pond to ensure the frogs do not get attracted to the pond.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do Toads Eat Minnows?

Toads and frogs have similar food tastes. They generally do not eat non-living foods unless you move them to depict their movement. Although larger frogs will eat minnows and other small fish, toads may not.

2. Will Bullfrogs Eat Minnows?

Bullfrogs and other large frogs find fish tasty. They will eat minnows, goldfish, guppies, and other small fish. They will also eat other types of foods like snails, slugs, etc.

They will eat these organisms as long as they are small enough to fit into their mouth. They will also eat them when they get within their reach.

3. Can Fish and Frogs Live Together?

Fish and frogs can live together in the same pond provided you provide adequate conditions. You have to make sure the tank and water condition is suitable for them. Fish and frogs will live together if you take note of necessary conditions.

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Frogs will eat minnows whenever they come across them. They will eat minnows when the minnows are smaller and within their reach.


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