Will Boiling Water Kill Black Beard Algae? {OK To Do?}

Black Beard Algae can cause serious problems for the health of your aquarium. Will boiling water kill black beard algae?

Killing them is not quite as easy as most of us would like. Will boiling water turn black beard algae green?

What can you do to kill it? Let’s go through this information together in this article.

Will Boiling Water Kill Black Beard Algae?

  1. Yes, you can use boiling water to kill black beard algae.
  2. This method of killing Black Beard Algae works best on aquarium decorations.
  3. You will need a strong bristled brush to remove what remains.

Please allow me to explain the details below:

Will Boiling Water Kill Black Beard Algae

How to Use Boiling Water to Kill Black Beard Algae

There are two ways you can use boiling water to kill the algae in question.

Method #1

  1. You can take all of the items you need to clean
  2. Throw them in a big pot
  3. Boil up some water in another container
  4. Pour the boiling water directly on the objects in question

Method #2

  1. You could put all of the algae-covered objects in a big pot
  2. Fill the pot with water
  3. Raise that water to a boil.
  4. The extreme heat will kill the Black Beard Algae, which will then be dissolved into the water or be easily scraped off of the afflicted objects since they are no longer alive.

Dangers of Boiling Algae

Before you throw just anything into a pot of boiling water, keep in mind that boiling water would kill your plants too.

You will not be able to use boiling water to kill Black Beard Algae that is on living plants.

This is also a problem if you want to clean any sort of aquarium decor that is made out of plastic. Extreme heat will obviously lead such decor to melt.

Will Boiling Water Turn Black Beard Algae Green?

We wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking this, but the truth is, Black Beard Algae is just that color. There is no green algae hiding under its black exterior. You can’t boil the black part away to make the algae green. That’s just not how it works.

Boiling Black Beard Algae will kill it for sure, but it will not change its natural color to something else entirely. Transformation is not quite within the realm of boiling water’s power!

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Boiling water can be used to kill Black Beard Algae. However, boiling water will also kill plants and melt plastic ornaments or decor so you cannot use boiling water to clean those types of things of Black Beard Algae.

You can put suitable items that need to be cleaned in a pot, and either pour boiling water over them or submerge them in water and boil the water itself. When you do this, the Black Beard Algae will be destroyed: it will not turn green.

If there is still Black Beard Algae on the objects in question after they have been boiled, it is likely dead and should be easily removed from the objects, assuming the Black Beard Algae did not fall off already.


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