Can You Use Tap Water for Goldfish {Is Tap Water Safe}

Have you just got a goldfish and are wondering can you use tap water for a goldfish?

Is tap water alone ok for them to live in or do you need to do something to the water? Or use a different type of water?

I will cover everything you need to know below.

Can You Use Tap Water for Goldfish?

Yes, tap water can be used for goldfish; however, it requires some preparation to ensure it is safe and suitable for their needs. Tap water typically contains chlorine and other chemicals that can be harmful to fish. Therefore, it is essential to treat tap water to remove these substances before introducing it to the goldfish tank.

How Do You Change Tap Water to Goldfish Water?

To make tap water suitable for goldfish, you need to take specific steps to remove or neutralize the harmful chemicals and make it safe for your fish. Here are some methods to change tap water into goldfish water:

Water Conditioner

Using a water conditioner is the most convenient and effective way to treat tap water for goldfish. Water conditioners are specially formulated to remove chlorine, chloramine, and other potentially harmful substances from tap water.

These products neutralize the chemicals, making the water safe for your goldfish. Follow the instructions on the water conditioner bottle for the recommended dosage based on the volume of water being treated.


Dechlorinators are
similar to water conditioners and are designed specifically to remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water. They work by breaking down these chemicals into harmless compounds that won’t harm your goldfish. Dechlorinators are available in liquid or tablet form, and you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper usage.

Letting Tap Water Sit

Allowing tap water to sit for a specific duration before adding it to your goldfish tank can help dissipate chlorine. However, this method is not effective for removing chloramine, a more stable form of chlorine that is commonly used in tap water.

If you choose this method, it is recommended to let the water sit for at least 24 to 48 hours in an open container. Keep in mind that it is still essential to use a water conditioner to neutralize any remaining chlorine or chloramine.

can you use tap water for goldfish

How Long Can Goldfish Live in Tap Water?

Goldfish can live in tap water for extended periods, provided it is properly treated. With the use of a water conditioner, tap water can be made safe by neutralizing chlorine and other harmful substances.

It is crucial to maintain proper water conditions, including temperature, pH level, and ammonia levels, to ensure the long-term health and longevity of goldfish.

How Long Does Tap Water Have to Sit Before Adding Goldfish?

Allowing tap water to sit for a specific duration before adding goldfish is not sufficient to make it safe. While allowing water to sit for 24 to 48 hours may help dissipate chlorine, it does not remove chloramine or other potential contaminants. Therefore, it is essential to use a water conditioner to treat tap water before introducing goldfish.

What Type of Water Do Goldfish Need?

Goldfish are freshwater fish, and they require clean, non-saline water for their optimal health. The ideal water for goldfish is free from chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. The water should have a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5, which is slightly acidic to neutral.

Additionally, goldfish thrive in water with temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 24 degrees Celsius).

What Water Conditions Do Goldfish Need?

In addition to suitable temperature and pH levels, goldfish require proper water conditions to thrive. They are relatively hardy fish, but poor water quality can lead to stress, disease, and a shortened lifespan. Goldfish tanks should have a reliable filtration system to maintain water clarity and remove waste and toxins.

Regular testing of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels is essential to ensure these parameters remain within safe limits.

Is Bottled Water Okay for Goldfish?

Using bottled water for goldfish is generally not recommended as a primary water source. Bottled water may lack essential minerals and nutrients that goldfish need, and the consistency and quality of bottled water can vary significantly. Moreover, continually using bottled water can be costly and impractical for maintaining a goldfish tank.

In emergencies or temporary situations, such as during a water supply issue, bottled water can be used if treated with a water conditioner suitable for aquarium use.

Do Goldfish Need Filtered Water?

Yes, goldfish do benefit from having a filtration system in their tank. A filter helps to remove waste, excess food, and other organic matter, maintaining good water quality. It also aids in the biological filtration process, which breaks down harmful ammonia into less toxic nitrite and nitrate. A well-maintained filter ensures a healthier and cleaner environment for goldfish.

How Often Should You Change Goldfish Water?

Regular water changes are essential for maintaining a healthy goldfish environment. The frequency and amount of water changes depend on various factors, including the tank size, the number of goldfish, the efficiency of the filtration system, and the water parameters.

As a general guideline, performing weekly water changes of about 20% to 30% of the total tank volume is recommended. However, it is important to monitor the water conditions and adjust the frequency and amount of water changes accordingly.

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Is Boiled Water Safe for Goldfish?

Boiling water can help remove chlorine and chloramine, making it safe for goldfish. However, boiling alone does not address other potential contaminants or provide the necessary mineral content.

It is still advisable to use a water conditioner specifically designed for aquarium use, as it not only removes chlorine and chloramine but also detoxifies heavy metals and provides beneficial additives for fish health.


Using tap water for goldfish is feasible, but it requires proper preparation and treatment to ensure the water is safe and suitable for their needs. By utilizing a water conditioner, maintaining optimal water conditions, and providing adequate filtration, goldfish can thrive in their aquatic environment.

Regular water changes and attentive monitoring of water quality are essential for the long-term health and well-being of goldfish. Remember, a healthy and clean aquatic habitat contributes significantly to the overall happiness and longevity of your beloved goldfish companions.


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