Why Do I Need Aquarium Dechlorinator?

For fishes to thrive, they need an enabling environment. An environment particular to their natural habitat: a non-toxic environment that will encourage overall wellbeing and growth. There are a lot of questions about tap water and dechlorinators. Here’s a truth you should know about Why You Need Aquarium Dechlorinator

An aquirium will help to kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens in your water which will help to maintain healthy water conditions for your fish. Tap water isn’t safe for your fishes. So Yes, you will need an Aquarium Dechlorinator.

Why Do I Need Aquarium Dechlorinator

What are Dechlorinators?

Dechlorinators are chemical substances used to treat tap water, thereby making it habitable for your fishes. A very large percentage of Tap water is chlorinated. Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine and chloramine to tap water, to eliminate microorganisms that are harmful for consumption. A bit ironic yeah? Look at this.

Human beings can’t consume tap water that hasn’t been chlorinated, because it exposes us to harmful diseases, such as, Cholera, Dysentery, etc. Fishes, on the other hand, can’t survive in chlorinated water, because the chemical concentrates are too high, they kill the good bacteria and in turn, create a toxic environment for the fishes. Dechlorinators neutralizes chlorine and chloramine in tap water, making your tank habitable for your fishes.

Is Dechlorination a Must?

If you’re living in the city, chances are, your water is already chlorinated. The only way to prevent a tragedy is to dechlorinate. Tap water will kill your fishes. If you want your fishes to live a long healthy life, then you must dechlorinate.

How Often Should I Use a Dechlorinator?

Dechlorinators come with instructions on usage. There are strict measurements to follow, these measurements vary from product to product. You use dechlorinators as often as you add water to your tank. Any new water added to the tank must be dechlorinated. Do not dechlorinate the full tank. The only time you do this is when you’re filling up the tank for the first time.

Is There a Demerit to Using Dechlorinators?

We are advised to do everything in moderation. Be sure to have a good filter system in your tank, because overtime dechlorinators may build up. So be careful not to overdose the water. Also, not all dechlorinators remove chloramine from the water. Find out if your water has chloramine, and if it does, get a dechlorinator that serves both purposes.

Where Can I Find Dechlorinators?

Dechlorinators can be found in your local pet stores. You can pick any of the various types of dechlorinators, according to your preference. Be sure to specify your needs to the shop attendant. Here’s a bonus, you do not need to break the bank for one.

Are There Any Alternative ways of Dechlorination?

There are natural ways of dechlorination. Here’s a fact. Chlorine is easily evaporated. Leaving water out overnight or in the sun may remove chlorine. Chloramine, on the other hand, doesn’t budge easily. To effectively remove chloramine naturally, you must boil water. Boiling creates enough heat and aeration to remove chlorine and chloramine.

Note: Chloramine takes a longer time to be eliminated completely.


Just as us humans need fresh and clean water to stay healthy, our fishes do too. Remember, dechlorinators are cheap, fast and reliable in keeping your fishes safe and healthy!

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