How To Stop Guppies From Breeding

Guppies are one of the widely kept tropical fishes. They are also beautiful because of their colourful spots, splashes, and stripes. Guppies are livebearers that give birth to their fry alive. They give birth to quite a lot of fry, and they can give birth once in 30 days. Guppies breeding, if not well controlled, can lead to overcrowding of the tank.

There are several ways to manage Guppies breeding to prevent overcrowding that can result from indiscriminate breeding. You can stop guppies from breeding by keeping the males and females in different tanks or by adding a beta female into the aquarium. You can also alter the water conditions of the tank in such a way that it will not be ideal for breeding.

How To Stop Guppies From Breeding

If you are keeping guppies of both genders under ideal conditions, there are chances that you will run into overcrowding issues. Excessive fry and uncontrolled breeding can be a detriment to your tank.

Why Should You Control Guppies Breeding

Why should breeding of guppies be controlled is one of the most frequently asked questions among new aquarium owners. Beginners often get excited to see the fry of their guppies. However, it is essential to know that excessive breeding can be detrimental to the overall health of your tank members.

One of the reasons why you should control the breeding of guppies is to prevent overcrowding of the tank. You don’t need an expert to help you understand the problems attached to an overcrowded tank. Guppies are capable of producing many fry because of their prolific breeding ability.

Increased population in the tank without proper control can lower the oxygen level in the tank. Guppies need oxygen to survive, and too many members in the tank can limit the amount of oxygen in circulation.

Likewise, increased waste production is another consequence of the indiscriminate breeding of guppies. The more the members of the tank, the more waste they produce, and dealing with these wastes can be demanding.

Accumulation of waste in the tank can lead to several issues in the tank. These issues include debilitating illness, deterioration in the health of guppies, as well as the death of the fish population.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Guppy Fry

In a case where you were not able to control breeding, and you have an excessive fry population in your tank, you can take some simple steps to get rid of them. What to do with unwanted guppy fry is mainly dependent on the aquarium owner.

You can keep the fry with adult guppies and let nature take its course. Naturally, adult guppies will feed on guppy fry if they are kept together. This natural phenomenon can help you get rid of a large percentage of your fry.

Likewise, you can also give them out for free or sell them for profit. Selling guppy fry can be a viable source of income, and if you are not interested in such business, you can give the fry out for free.


The risk of overstocking your tank highlight why you should always in charge of your tank. You can control the breeding in your guppy tank with just simple steps. Likewise, you can also get rid of excess fry in case the deed has been done.

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