Can Endlers and Guppies Live Together?

Endler’s livebearers (Poecilia wingei) are a good-looking and relatively scarce species of guppies. You can widely see them in Laguna de Patos in Venezuela, a South American pet firm that has a freshwater lake in its environment.

Laguna de Patos lake is very warm water and encloses a high level of algae – which gives the lake its unique green coloration.  Endler’s live-bearers are currently vulnerable in the wild, and their territory is under fierce pressure from human development.

Can Endlers and Guppies Live Together

For instance, a garbage dump has been built on the coasts of the lake, and it is believed to have greatly contaminated the waters.

There are some reports that Elders are already extinct in the wild, though some aquarists still rear them in tanks/aquarium.

Endler’s livebearers remain relatively petite in the household tanks, the males grow smaller in length to about 1 inch, while females develop to about 1.8 inches in length and stop growing.

They are not a distinct species from other notable guppies, and research shows that they were given the name Poecilia wingei for conservation reasons only.

Just like other guppies, Endler’s livebearers live for around 22 to 36 months in the household tanks, though sometimes some do live longer than 36 months.

Based on experience, we discover female Endlers die earlier compared to the male. Giving birth can be very tough for them, and many will die immediately after bearing fries.

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Can Endlers and Guppies Live Together?

Other guppies might not be able to live with Endlers because of the required water parameter. Endlers love to live in warm water with algae, while most of the other guppies also prefer warm water with live plants that might not be algae.

Endler’s livebearers are petite and easy to care for by learners. Due to this, they can be kept quite easily in a tank of about 20 gallons, though larger tanks are advisable due to their exceptional prolific nature.

The major reason why other guppies can stay with Endlers is if a thermostat will be provided, and the water stays a warm temperature all day, which most aquarists are used to do.

It is normally suggested to keep these fish in a species only tank since their small size makes them a poor dweller of community tanks. Also, Endlers should never be kept with other guppy species.

Other guppies crossbreed and dilute the genes of Endlers. It is understood that many of the Endler’s livebearers in fish stores are already crossbreeds because they were mixed with other common guppies.

Amazingly, while the males of this species are mostly calm, the females can be very territorial. It is acclaimed that you keep at least two to three females per tank with a male since the females are territorial than the more the numbers, the less their aggression with other Endlers.

Any tank holding Endler’s livebearers should have a lot of plants as hiding spots, and they like tanks with abundant gravel and other good distraction. It seems that floating plants are adored by Endlers, and the hanging roots of the floating plant give the best refuge for their fries.

Some outstanding plants for their tank are Cambomb, water sprite, hornwort, water wisteria, hyrgophila, Java moss, Java fern, polysperma, and duckweed.

Please note: We advise you to cover any tank/aquarium containing these Endlers livebearers. While at first glance they look too little to jump out of a tank, they are known for being perfect jumpers, you might lose some of them if your tank is not covered.

Should I Use Filter For Endlers?

Since filters can be used for other guppies, you can also use filters while keeping Endlers with other guppies. But when kept in an exclusive Endlers only tank, you need always to sterilize/change the water they are kept if you want fries in the shortest time.

Moreover, it is still in your best interest to water the best water parameter in your reach, and a topnotch filter should always be introduced.

Can I Keep Cherry Shrimp With Guppies?

Though most of the other guppies are vibrant but they might not be able to cope with the kings of jumpers which are Endlers, even when the tank is covered you still observe they are exercising their skills. Endlers are a very lively species and will like the flow that a hang on back filter gives.

But care must be taken to cover the filter tube so that most of your fries will not be drawn up into the tank filter. Uncovered aquarium filters kill fries; only a few lucky ones survive.

Aquarist that keeps Endlers believes a hang on the back filter is the best because most of them are exceedingly long-lasting, and provides superb filtration even on bigger aquarium/tanks.

Do Endlers and Other Guppies Have Same Feeding Pattern

Unlike some other guppies that consume flakes, pellet veggies, Spirulina pills, and so on.

Endler’s livebearers are flesh-eaters (omnivores) and feed on tiny insects, algae, and plant staples in the wild. Most of their foods should be recreated as thoroughly as possible in the household aquarium.

This can be done through the processing of high valued flake food, and preferably live or occasional frozen foods.

One of the finest flakes feeds in markets are varieties of pellets for Endlers, and most Aquarist use this for most of their fries and adult Endlers. If you can get a live diet for them, then think pellets.

Endlers enjoy live or frozen foods in their feeds, and they seem to enjoy frozen bloodworms above all. It’s not rare to see an Endler’s livebearer trying to consume a bloodworm that is closely as large as itself, they don’t eat much but love to eat well.

Don’t overfeed them, they will consume either live or chilled daphnia, brine shrimp, and blackworms, though this worm is not easy to find in most pet stores.

You know other guppies also feed on worm, flakes, and some pellets if you decide to keep Endlers and other guppies together.

Ensure they are kept in warm water between 78-80°F. For almost all variety of guppies, the warmer the water, the quicker they grow; when the water is too cold, then the guppies lifecycle might be shortened.

What Are the Guppy Fish Growth Stages?

In conclusion, put guppies‘ water temperatures within 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. These ideal water temperatures are similar to most guppy fish. Tank/aquarium guppies generally succeed in temperatures that are in the range of 70 to 80 degrees.

It is safe to keep Endlers and other guppies together if you follow the nuggets we have shared, but crossbreeding is the only issue we have because it will further reduce few core Endlers left.

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