Can Endler Guppies Breed With Normal Guppies

Endlers or Endler’s livebearer is a perfect looking fish that is close to the guppy fish. These are colourful fish and usually available in different pet shops. The availability of the fish is due to its small size, quiet temper, attractive appearance and naturalness. The scientific name of Endler is Poecilia wingei.

The natural habitat of the Endlers is South America. Initially, this fish was exposed in 1937 on the North coastline of the region by F. Bond. At that time of its discovery, it was reflected as extinct species as it did not appeal any scientists of that time. Later on, Prof. John Endler rediscovered this species of fish 40years after the first exposure of the fish.

Can Endler Guppies Breed With Normal Guppies

Endler is undemanding fishes, and they can live in common freshwater with ease. They enjoy more in the planted tanks as it looks like natural habitat to them. The preferred water temperature for endlers is 78-80oF, but it is not a restriction for the endler.

However, a simple rule for the growth of endlers is the warm the water will be the faster they will grow. The smaller size of endlers makes them an excellent choice for a small aquarium. The endler fishes are peaceful and they live well with other friendly fishes.


The size of the Endler fish is small, and it is not larger than 1inch for males and 1.4inches for the females. The colour of the female fish is sole-colour with golden or silvery tint. There are spots on the abdomen that indicates that some embryos are inside the body. The average age of Endler fish in tank ranges from 1 to 2 years. The age length mainly depends on the temperature of the container. If the temperature of the tank is higher for the fish, then the metabolism of the fish will be faster, and eventually, it decreases the lifespan.

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Owe to the small size of Endler fish they can fit in the Nano tanks. These are active fish. These kinds of fishes prefer to live in small containers with lentic water and thickly implantation of several floras. The fish feel relaxed in the tanks that have floating plants but with space for the fish to swim. This type of fish mostly floats in the upper water layer and is a good tank mate for non-violent fishes.

The dimensions of the tank depends on a general thumb rule that is 1 gallon of tropical freshwater is enough for each inch of the fish in the tank. If the tank has a vast number of plants in it, then a higher density of endlers can fit in it.


The feed of endlers is mostly on fish food as they are omnivorous and it fit their smallmouth. Endlers can also feed frozen or live foods like shrimps, worms, and other small invertebrates. The fish diet may comprise of plants like spirulina. Special care should be taken to avoid obesity in the endler fish, as they are prone to become fat. The young endlers known as Fry eat finely crushed flake food. Both adult and young endlers can feed on the algae that grow in the tank. Endlers are quick learner to the feeding schedule and will swarm in anticipation near to the feeding time.


As the size of Endler fish is small so it should always place with small and peaceful fish. The most compatible fish with which Endler fish can live comprises neon tetra, cardinal tetra, white cloud mountain minnow, and oto catfish.

The Endler fish should not be placed in a tank with fancy guppy because both cannot breed. Generally, Endler fish must be placed in a container that has other peaceful fish or shrimps. Otherwise, Endler fish may suffer from other fishes.


The females of Endler are unpresentable, with silver or golden body and some unpronounced spots on its body. The body of female fish is a bit longer and fatter compared to the male fish. The fins of the female fish are shorter and pale as compare to the male fish.

The male of Endler fish are rainbow-like that have various colour on its body from red to violet. The tail of the male is longer and has fancy patterns that are unique in each fish. The anal fins of male Endler fish transmitted into gonopodium that is the organ of generation.


The breeding of Endler fish is very simple, and they can breed keenly in a conventional tank. The fertilisation in Endler fish takes at the age of 2months. The internal propagation is achieved owing to gonopodium. The female Endler fish carries eggs for 22-24 days.

The endler males are smaller in size than the females endlers and are more bright and colourful compare to the females. The females are usually monochromatic. The breeding takes place in the tank, and it does not require any special preparation like water limitation, deepness, temperature, and male to female ratio.

The females endlers give birth to a fully formed young endler (Fry) every 23rd day as their name suggest “livebearer”. The female endler can store sperms from pervious mating and so can produce young one up to one year without further mating.

The warm temperature of the water favours the growth of young male endler while cold-water temperature favours the growth of female endler.


The Endler fish can mate with the guppies’ species, i.e. P. reticulate, P. obscure guppy breed and the cross descendants will able to produce. This is well thought out to weak the genetic pool and thus prohibited by many fish hobbyists who desire to manage unadulterated strains. Most of the fish sold at different pet shops under the name of Endler’s guppy is the hybrids of these two fishes.

A mixture of different strains in the same tank can produce offspring with the characteristics of both strains. Endler fish can also have cross-bred with the strains of fancy guppy like P. reticulate often produce shinny and multi-coloured progeny. Thus, the endlers or endler livebearers can undergo mating the guppies and produce fertile offspring.

People May Ask: –

 Are endlers easy to breed?

The answer to the question is yes. Endlers are easy to keep and easy to breed.