How to Deepen a Pond (The Easy Way)

Do you manage a pond for your fish and other aquatic organisms? Are you experiencing a reduction in the depth of your pond? Do you feel the need to deepen the pond? You might be experiencing problems with your pond depth and might need every detail in this article to help with that.

To deepen your pond, you will need to pack out the pond’s soil. Then pack it out till you get your preferred depth.

How Do I Make My Pond Deeper?

There are different ways to make your pond deeper. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to go about it is digging the pond. Digging the pond and making it bigger requires you to follow simple steps and procedures.

You simply need to remove soil from the bed of your pond. Removing the soil will cause an increase in the depth of your pond. However, you will need to note some conditions to make deepening easier and safe.

You have to remove every aquatic life from the pond before you start digging. You can also remove structures and decorations from the tank to make digging easier. After removing them, you can now drain your water from the pond.

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After draining, dig your pond into increasing its depth. When the pond becomes deep enough, you can return everything you remove from the pond. Now, you have made your pond as deep as you want it to be.

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How Much Does It Cost to Dredge a Small Pond?

Dredging a small pond can be a lot more than you expect, but it is worth the cost. On average, it will cost around $75000 per acre to dredge a small pond. You will need to use the necessary equipment and tools to dredge your pond.

How Deep is Too Deep for a Pond?

There is no measurement for how deep can become too deep for your pond. Although some pond depth can be indecent when it gets to some stages, you cannot tell if it is too deep for a pond. The best way to determine if a pond is too deep is by checking its dimensions.

If the proportion of the depth to the pond’s width is not in the right proportion, the pond might appear too deep. If your pond is 10 feet across and 10 feet deep, then the pond can be too deep. If you have 10 feet across and 5 feet deep, then such a pond is not too deep.

The distance across your pond needs to be larger than the distance of its depth to provide an appropriate dimension for your pond. The depth should not be of the same or larger length than the length across the pond. The depth should be smaller than the length of the across the pond.

How to Deepen a Pond

It would be best to deepen your tank to create more space for your fish and other aquatic organisms. To deepen your tank, you will need to follow simple steps and procedures. The first thing you will have to do is remove your pond’s content.

You will need to remove fish, plants, structures, and other living organisms from the pond. After removing the pond’s content, you will need to drain the water. Draining the pond in the water can be stressful, but you will need to remove the water to make deepening easier.

After draining the water, you will need to allow the pond to dry for easy deepening. It is better to deepen when it is dry than when it is wet and full of water. Pond drying can last for hours or even a day, depending on the climate condition.

When the pond becomes dry, you will need to dig the pond. You will need to remove the soil from the pond until you get your preferred depth. You might need to start by gradually removing the soil from the pond.

You can dig the pond from the center before digging towards the end of the pond. You can ensure to level the pond base for a more beautiful structure. After digging your pond to your preferred level, you are through with the most difficult aspect of deepening your pond.

You can now return the water to your pond after digging. You can refill the water with a new one or refill it with the existing water in the pond. You can also return your plants and other structures to your pond and continue with your pond activities.

Can You Make a Pond Bigger?

You can make a pond bigger if you need to. If you have a small pond that cannot accommodate your aquatic life, you will need to expand and make your pond bigger. There are several ways you can make your pond bigger.

You can make a smaller pond beside your old pond and then link them together. The result of linking the two will cause you to have a larger pond than the former. This method might be a stressful one, but it is surely an effective way to make your pond bigger.

You can also increase the pond by expanding your old pond’s interior. It is similar to deepening your pond, only that you will have to remove soil from the pond’s sidewalls. Removing the soil will make the pond bigger.

There are several other ways you can make your pond bigger. Making your pond bigger will help accommodate more aquatic organisms and structures. It will also provide enough space for your fish to explore.


Deepening a pond can be necessary for your fish, especially if the pond has been for a long time. The pond might be getting filled up with earth and needs intervention. It would be best to deepen the pond to make it conducive for your fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms you have in it.

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