What Do Minnows Eat In A Pond

Is feeding your minnows becoming a problem for you? Are you scared that your fish are not getting enough nutrients? Do you want to improve the diet of your pond minnows? You have nothing to worry about because this guide provides everything you know about feeding a pond minnow.

Minnows are non-picky eaters, and will eat insects, insect larvae algae, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, and smaller fish. Various aquatic zooplankton and phytoplankton are good food sources for pond minnows.

Minnows will also eat specialized food like fish flakes, oatmeal, and other high protein foods when you feed it to them. Crackers, bread, and other corn meals are great options. But they are not the best for pond minnows.

What Can I Feed Pond Minnows?

Pond minnows are similar to those in the aquarium in their feeding demands, but the difference is that pond minnows have access to a wider variety of natural foods. You can feed your pond minnows with fish flakes, oatmeal, breadcrumbs, and other high protein foods. You can also feed them with crushed pellets. The crushing makes it easy for your minnows to eat it.

If you have goldfish or tropical fish food available, you can also feed them to your minnows. In this case, it is best to supplement it with crushed brine shrimps or freeze-dried bloodworms.

The primary thing about feeding pond minnows is to ensure that what you feed them is easily digestible. It is best to provide them with more fakes and grains. These food options are small enough and easy for the fish to eat.

How Often Should You Feed Minnows In A Pond?

Proper feeding is not about loading your pond minnows with excess food. It also requires adequate rationing and timing. It is best to feed pond minnows twice daily.

Regardless of why you are keeping your minnows in a pond, it is essential to understand their feeding habit and feeding pattern. Avoid overfeeding your minnows in a pond!

You can offer them their first meal in the morning and the second one in the evening. The essential thing is to avoid giving minnows the two meals quickly.

Likewise, it is essential to offer them food they can finish in five minutes. Every food element should disappear five minutes after providing them the food.

If the pond minnows finish the food in two or three minutes, consider offering them more. But if the food stays longer than five minutes, consider reducing the portion next time.

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Can You Keep Minnows In A Pond?

Of course, it is possible and common to keep minnows in a pond. They will remain safe as long as you make the pond suitable for them. But you must be ready to take specific cautions to ensure their safety.

You must ensure the proper stacking rate for minnows in the pond. It is best to keep only 1000-2000 minnows in one acre of the pond because too many minnows in a single pond can be disastrous for the fish.

Ensure to only keep them with suitable pond mates (in case you decide to introduce other aquatic members to the pond). Avoid keeping them with bigger fish that can bully or prey on them. They will also find it hard to cope with nipping and aggressive fish.

Minnows will eat smaller fish and shrimps if you keep them in the same pond. So, you should avoid keeping them together, except you don’t mind the fish snacking on them.

Also, ponds are outdoors, and it might be slightly challenging to regulate the pond temperature. It is best to understand the weather conditions before adding minnows to a pond.

Deep ponds might not be suitable for minnows. They thrive better in shallow ponds where they have quick and easy access to enough oxygen.

Can I Feed My Minnows Bread?

Many aquarists are often puzzled about feeding bread to aquatic pets. Minnows can eat light bread, so there is no problem providing them. You might have to ensure the functionality of your pond filter.

Feeding bread to minnows is not the problem.  Ensuring that you offer it to them in a size that they can quickly devour is crucial. Minnows are relatively small and will only eat things that fit their mouth. Large bread portions can choke your minnows to death.

Also, avoid overfeeding minnows with bread. Aside from the fact that it means more poops, it will also litter the pond if they don’t finish it. It is best to feed them with a bread quantity that they can consume in less than five minutes.

Do Minnows Eat Bread Crumbs?

Of course! Minnows will happily eat bread crumbs and other corn meals. But it is best to ensure that the bread crumbs’ size will fit easily into their mouth.

Also, it is essential to only feed minnows with bread crumbs that they can consume in less than 5 minutes. Feeding them more than that will cause many litters in your pond.

Bread litters can form organic waste, a significant ammonia source in any fish pond. Ammonia can ruin the pond’s water quality and pose a lethal threat to your fish.

It is crucial to note that bread and bread crumbs are not the best feeding options for your minnows. Besides the fact that bread contains sugar and additives, the salt concentration is higher than what is suitable for fish.


Minnows are non-picky eaters, and they will eat almost anything they come across in the pond. They can feed on live foods, flakes, and plants, as long as it fits into their mouth. Smaller fish, tadpoles, fish eggs, and shrimps are not safe with minnows in the pond.

It is also crucial to only feed minnows food they can consume within 5 minutes. And it is best to provide them twice a day at reasonable intervals. Avoid overfeeding them and overloading the pond with food that can generate organic wastes like ammonia.