How to Get Rid of Pond Snails | The Easy Way

Have you noticed recently that the snails in your pond have multiplied and are starting to take over your pond? So how to get rid of pond snails

The best way to get rid of snails from your pond is to collect them by hand, then place lettuce leaves on the surface of the pond, wait a few hours and remove the lettuce which should have snails on them.

You could then use a produce like Dimilin (Available on Amazon) to kill the remaining snails.

how to get rid of pond snails

Are Snails Bad for Ponds?

Snails have both positive and negative effects on ponds. They can be useful as they will help you perform some tasks and be harmful as they can be carriers of impending problems.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of pond snails.

  • Getting Rid of Algae : Getting rid of algae is one of the routine activities carried out by pond snails. Algae comprise the diet of pond snails, so if you have pond snails in your tank, you can be sure you won’t have any algae. Having more than one pond snail reduces the chance of having algae in the tank.
  • Consuming Uneaten Food : Uneaten food comprises their significant diets. When you feed your fish, some crumbs fall off, and the fish does not feed on them. These foods can cause an increase in the ammonia rate of the water, but the snails are there to prevent it as they feed on these uneaten food crumbs.
  • Consuming Dead Plants : Dead plants in the tank can cause water pollution, which can be harmful to your fish. Snails feed on dead plants, reducing the rate at which the water in the tank gets polluted. They can also feed on other detritus that is present in the tank.
  • Beatification : Pond snails have a great appearance and are a good source of beautification for your tank. They appear in various colors and will lighten up your tank with an excellent combination of colors. They will also maintain cleanliness in the tank, making it as attractive as it can be.
  • Source of Food : Pond snails make up the diet of many fish as they are highly nutritional. They are also a mouthful, so that they will provide your fish with a stomach-satisfying meal. They also offer a great source of energy and are protein-rich.

Now that we know the benefits let’s take a look at the damage they can cause.

  • Plant Eating : One of the problems of keeping pond snails is that they feed on plants. If you have plants in your tank as decoration, these organisms will not respect your structure and feed on them when they get the chance. This reason prevents many aquarists from having pond snails in their tank.
  • Parasites : Like every other snail, pond snails carry parasites that can be deadly to fishes and humans. They carry a parasite that causes swimmer’s itch, an inflammatory immune reaction, and deposits it in the water through welting. Whenever you see a pond snail in the water, you should also expect the swimmer’s itch.
  • Breeding : Snails are one of the worst aquatic breeders regarding numbers. They reproduce quickly and can fill your tank in no time. Too many snails in your tank can cause sludge and are not the best for your fish.

What Fish Eat Pond Snails?

There are several species of fish that find the pond snail attractive and tasty. Fish like the assassin fish will feed on snails any time they come across them. Other fish like loaches, catfish, etc., will also feed on them.

Fish That Will Eat Pond Snails

Several fish will feed on pond snails, and I bet you don’t know them. Let’s take a look at five of them.

  • The Striped Raphael Catfish : Like every other catfish, the striped Raphael catfish are bottom dwellers that use their barbels to search for food. They can live for decades and usually feed on invertebrates like snails, shrimps, etc. If you have several pond snails that you want to get rid of, you can introduce the striped Raphael catfish.
  • Gourami : The gourami is a colorful south Asian fish that comes in different shades of red, blue, and silver. These fishes can breathe air as they have lung-like organs that make it possible for them. They are very aggressive towards snails and will eat them whenever they come across them.
  • Yoyo Loach : The yoyo loach are bottom dwellers, and they derive pleasure in digging the sand, giving them a high chance of coming across snails. They use their barbels in feeling substrates and are useful in search of snails. Once they come across one, they will suck it out of its shell; an effective assassin for pond snails.
  • Bala Shark : Checking its name, you wouldn’t expect it to be a friend of snails, would you? The Bala shark is very peaceful with no predatory characteristics except when it comes to small creatures like snails. They are very social and active, and will feed on snails whenever they get the opportunity to, even when filled.
  • Goldfish : Goldfish are also active and happy eaters of snails. Your pond snail is not safe in the tank with goldfish, especially when they are small and can fit into the goldfish’s mouth. They are the most prolific predators for snails, in which almost all species seek out snails, especially the fancy goldfish.

The dwarf gourami is the best shot as they will eat the snails through the shells. If you are encountering a problem with pond snails, then you have the gourami at your call.

Does Salt Kill Pond Snails?

Salt can kill pond snails, especially if the concentration is high. Although, aquarium salts are safe for pond snails, the high concentration will also affect them.

Can Pond Snails Survive Out of Water?

Pond snails depend on their lungs when outside the water to breathe. Although these will leave outside water, they cannot survive. They won’t survive because their skin will dry up when exposed to air for a very long time.

So try not to keep your snails outside water for long.

How Long Do Pond Snails Live?

The lifespan of pond snails varies according to different species. On average, pond snails can live for about a year and grow to about 0.25 to 0.5 inches in size.

Are Too Many Snails Bad for a Pond?

Too many snails can cause pond sludge and even increase it instead of reducing it. Try to reduce the number of snails in your pond when they are getting too much. You can also prevent them from breeding, as breeding will massively multiply them.

Can You Put Pond Snail in a Fish Tank?

Pond snails are excellent for your fish tank, but you have to take some precautions when adding them. Only add them to a tank with fish that won’t prey on them. Make sure you prevent overpopulation as pond snails are bad with breeding.


Pond snails are aquatic animals that are an abundant source of food for fish and other marine creatures. Although they offer a great nutritional value to fish and other aquatic animals, they also serve as a host to some other parasites, deadly ones. Some aquarists like them in the pond, while others cannot risk their fish’s health for a few mollusk snacks.

You can get rid of your pond snails if they are providing more harm than good. It occurs when they become overpopulated in the tank. Make sure you remove them as the health of your fish is more paramount.


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