How To Remove Hair Algae From Java Moss {Best Way Possible}

Hair algae will form on your Java Moss due to some sort of imbalance in your tank.

How to remove hair algae from java moss relies on a few steps I will outline today.

In this article I will show you how to identify the imbalance and the best way to remove hair algae from your tank.

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How To Remove Hair Algae From Java Moss

The best way to remove hair algae from Java moss is to:

  1. Rip the algae from the java moss. 
  2. Lower the level of phosphate and nitrates in your tank. 
  3. Lower the light level in your tank.
  4. Make sure the tank is not in direct sunlight.

Allow me to explain the steps to make this process go smoothly for the eradication of hair algae off Java moss.

Remove Hair Algae From Java Moss

How Do You Get Rid of Hair Algae?

Hair algae is a fungus that grows on plants in an aquarium, it will grow on plants such as java moss, java fern.  Usually hair algae will form after a water cycle, this is because your tank is still setting the waters biological balance.

You can also test the water quality using a tester kit that you can purchase on amazon. This algae will develop because of an imbalance within your tank.

An imbalance in your tank could be caused by

  • Not enough lighting
  • To much sun light
  • Water change

When algae is spotted in an aquarium it is important to take action because it will spread quick and can then be harder to remove from your tank.

How to Kill Hair Algae

  1. Turn off your filter. We do not want anything to get in to the filter.
  2. Rip the hair algae away from the java moss. Be careful to remove only the algae and try to save as much of the java moss as you can.  The java moss will grow back.
  3. Remove small bits of hair Algae with a tooth brush. By removing the algae with a tooth brush will insure we will remove most of the algae from the moss.
  4.  Make sure the tank has right amount of lighting. The chart below shows the ideal lighting conditions for your tank.  Make sure your tank meets the requirements.
  5. Make sure tank is not in direct sun light. If your tank is in direct sun light you can try to apply some aquarium film black to the outside of your tank (Available to buy on amazon) This will help to filter out the sun light.
  6. Introduce an algae eating fish to your tank. Some fish like to eat algae and they can process the algae with no issues. A fish I recommend for this is a siamies algae eater
  7. Add fast growing plants.  By adding fast growing plants it will reduce the nutrients available to the algae.
  8. Clean your filter. The last thing you will need to do is clean your filter, If you have been moving hair algae around then small parts would of come off and would of got in to your filter.
  9. Test the water quality. By using a tester kit that you can purchase on amazon

How Do You Keep Java Moss Clean?

In order to prevent algae growth within the tank, it is important to clean the Java Moss plant.

  • You can remove the Java Moss in its whole and rinse it under running water.
  • Once all the waste and dirt are removed, make sure it is connected to a piece of driftwood, a rock, or other decorations.

I made the decision to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the java moss. I removed the java moss from my tank and let it soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes while it was completely dark. I cleaned the moss and reinserted it in my tank.

Will Algaecide Kill Java Moss?

Yes.  The easiest technique to get rid of algae is with algaecide.

  • Every kind of algae, including black, green, yellow  and hair algae are killed and prevented by it.
  • It also has clarifying qualities.
  • Algaecide typically causes plant death and should not be used on plants or even Java moss.

Start by using peroxide; it often removes mosses without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will hydrogen peroxide kill Java moss?

No hydrogen peroxide will not kill Java moss.  It should kill most algae as long as it is not hard algae.

2. Will hair algae go away on its own?

Yes. As long as the water condition in your tank is optimally balanced. The hair algae would of developed because of an imbalance in your tank, so as long as that imbalance no longer exists the algae will go away.

3. Does bleach kill hair algae?

Yes bleach will kill hair algae, but it is very likely it will also kill or do damage to the plant it was attached to.  The bleach will also come off the plan and will enter our tanks water which will most likely cause issues with the fish.

4. What is a simple cure for green hair algae?

A simple way to remove hair algae from your tank it to rip it off the plant and then use a tooth brush to remove the smaller parts.


When you see the algae in the java moss plant, you need to take extra precautions.

Ignoring the algae growth will have an influence on both the water quality and plant health. Before the plant takes over the entire tank and begins destroying the plant life, you must move quickly to clear it up.


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