Can Glofish Live With Goldfish? {What Are The Risks Involved?}

Do you want to keep goldfish and glofish together in the same tank?

Will they survive together and get along?

Below I will cover everything you need to know.

Can Glofish Live With Goldfish?

No, Goldfish and Glofish require different water conditions and water temperature. Their diets vary and it would not be a wise choice to stock them together in the same tank.

Why Can’t Glofish and Goldfish Live Together?

The following reasons will be explored in this article. Here are the factors that dictate the need to keep these fish apart:

  1. Glofish are freshwater tropical fish and Goldfish are freshwater fish in cooler temperatures. 
  2. Large goldfish will eat smaller glofish.
  3. They eat different foods.
  4. One or the other will experience stress under incorrect water parameters. 

Glofish are more sensitive to water temperature and less hardy than goldfish. Goldfish can grow larger and could attack smaller glofish which will lead to stress, aggression and weakened immune systems in your glofish.

You can’t feed them the same meals and keep the water levels comfortable for them at the same time. There are fish keepers who like to take on this challenge, but it’s best to advise against keeping them together.

Why Are Goldfish Easier To Keep Than Glofish?

Goldfish are the most popular fish in aquariums and in fish bowls for beginners to get introduced to this hobby. They live over 15 years and grow over 10 inches in length.

Ideal water temperatures for goldfish are range from 65.0 to 72.0° F, but they are hardy enough to handle fluctuations in tanks or bowls without heaters to manage a steady temperature. We still advise against it, as fluctuations reduce their longevity and promotes stress in your goldfish.

Goldfish are cheaper to care for with their food available in many stores that are aren’t specifically for pets or fish.

Without the need for a filter or heater, goldfish can be kept in bowls, but we suggest that you get into the practice of fish keeping by purchasing the necessary equipment if you want them to live a long and healthy life.

What Do Glofish Need In Their Tank?

Glofish have a fluorescent color that is natural. They were genetically modified to glow this way and people enjoy keeping them in tanks with black lights to highlight these popping colors. This also makes them much more sensitive than goldfish. Glofish need more equipment like a:

The water temperature should remain around 72-82°F which is warmer than what goldfish prefer. The water conditioner keeps your tank pristine and allows for the fluorescent colors on your glofish to really pop.

What Do Goldfish Eat?

Goldfish eat just
about anything you give them and they don’t want to stop eating. The more food you offer, the more they’ll feast to the point of illness or death. Goldfish are omnivores that prefer meat.

Formula flakes and pellets of the cheaper variety will be fine for goldfish because they are not picky eaters. If they see a small glofish near them, they will try to swallow them up. It’s best to keep them apart for this reason.

What Do Glofish Eat?

Glofish will enjoy a balanced diet that prepared flakes or pellets provide. Frozen foods such as daphnia or tubifex worms are also happily ingested by glofish.

It’s a good idea to offer foods rich in beta carotene to glofish to promote more vibrant colors. Look for glofish food that is high in carotenoids for this purpose.

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Do Goldfish Like Plants?

Goldfish produce a lot of waste because they eat more than most fish their size. Plants are a good idea to increase the oxygen and clean up the water naturally. The following plants will suit goldfish well:

  • Anubias
  • Java ferns
  • Moss
  • Cabomba
  • Pennywort

Do Glofish Need Plants?

Glofish are smaller in size compared to goldfish. It is easier for them to get bullied in a tank with larger fish. It’s best to provide hiding spaces and plants are great for this.

Glofish are wary of predators and bullies and they’ll do their best to hide near plants such as:

  • Amazon sword
  • Wisteria
  • Anacharis
  • Hogwort

These plants enjoy warmer waters with glofish and we feel that these fish are more inclined to take advantage of the benefits plants can provide them compared to goldfish.

What Is A Good Tank Size For Glofish and Goldfish?

Although goldfish and glofish would be comfortable in a 20 gallon tank, stocking them together is going to be a challenge that we do not recommend. One inch of fish per gallon is the general rule of thumb, but glofish prefer to school in larger groups.

Goldfish can live peacefully on their own or in smaller numbers. We would recommend a larger tank for goldfish who can grow over 10 inches in length with their ferocious appetite and ability to create more waste.

Glofish would also benefit from tank sizes over 20 gallons to give them plenty of hiding spaces and prevent aggression from defending limited territories in a smaller tank.


Glofish and goldfish should not be housed together in the same tank. Glofish prefer warmer water while goldfish can handle much cooler temperatures. Goldfish are great for beginners, but glofish require a little more preparation and effort to make sure their ecosystem is warm and comfortable.

Brian Arial

Brian Arial has kept fish for leisure and worked with fish stores for most of his life. He enjoys writing and caring for aquariums and ponds.