Is Seachem Flourish Safe For Fish {Will It Harm My Fish?}

Are you wondering what makes Seachem flourish? Is Seachem Flourish safe for fish?

Will seachem flourish harm my fish? Is it safe to have Seachem flourish in my fish tank?

Check out this article to find out all about this supplement.

Is Seachem Flourish Safe For Fish?

Seachem flourish is a plant supplement that helps boost the growth of aquatic plants. It stimulates the growth of shoots and roots in aquatic plants.

It is safe for:

  • fish
  • plants
  • invertebrates

It also enhances the absorption of minerals and other essential elements needed for the development of your aquatic plants.

Does Seachem Flourish Actually Work?

Yes. Seachem flourish does work, especially when used in conjunction with micronutrient supplements. It performs excellent work in stimulating the growth of plants. It also enhances the growth and development of plant roots.

Seachem flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement for freshwater aquariums. It enhances the absorption of minerals and other essential nutrients. The absorption of these minerals ensures the growth and development of the plant.

How Does Seachem Flourish Help Plants?

It improves disease resistance in your aquatic plants. It causes your plant to stay healthy at all times and far from diseases. And a healthy plant gives the aquarium a beautiful appearance.

Using Seachem flourish is advisable for your aquatic plans. It helps boost their:

  • shoot
  • root growth

It contains a rich assortment of essential microelements like:

  • magnesium
  • iron
  • calcium

This supplement is highly beneficial to your aquatic plants ensuring their growth and good health. The constituents of Seachem flourish enable the plant to develop high disease resistance.

Will Seachem Flourish Cause Algae Blooms?

Yes. You may see a boost to the growth of algae in your tank with the use of Seachem flourish. Seachem flourish also provides nutrients and stimulates the growth of algae in the tank. As the algae grows, your fish and several other aquatic animals get something to eat.

Seachem flourish is beneficial to the survival of your aquatic life. As Seachem flourish boosts your plant’s growth, it ensures there is enough oxygen produced from the plant. As a result, it ensures the water gets aerated and keeps your fish from getting suffocated.

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Can You Use Seachem Flourish Every Day?

Yes. Seachem flourish is similar to carbon dioxide in plants. It is highly beneficial and harmless to your aquatic plants. You can use it every day for your aquatic plants without any problem. After all, it provides several benefits for your plant.

It contains essential elements that will nourish the growth of the plant. It also contains elements that will build disease resistance in the plant. Using Seachem flourish every day will provide your aquatic plants with excellent growth.

You have to know how to dose your aquatic plants with Seachem flourish. An incomplete dose of the fertilizer can deprive your plant of its maximum growth. Excess usage also can cause the massive growth of algae.

How Much Seachem Flourish Should I Use?

So, you need to ensure the proper dosage of the Seachem flourish for the wellbeing of your aquatic plants.

  • Add 10ml of Seachem flour to your tank once a week 
  • 2ml for the other days.
  • It means you use 10ml of Seachem once a day and 2ml for six days.

You should provide only a dose of 5ml of Seachem per 10 gallons of water. For example, if you have a 10-gallon tank, you should add 5ml of Seachem once a day and 1ml the other days. The adequate usage of the Seachem flourish assures the good health of your fish.

What Does Seachem Flourish Excel Do?

Seachem flourish excel as an additive for aquarium plants. It serves as an alternative for gaseous carbon dioxide in aquatic plants. In other words, Seachem flourish excel as a source of carbon dioxide for your aquatic plants.

Flourish excel is a good source of bioavailable organic carbon dioxide producers for your plants.

  • Adding the flourish excel in your tank will provide a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide for your aquatic plants.
  • Seachem flourish excel essential for your aquatic plants but not compulsory for their survival.

Without the Seachem flourish excel, your aquatic plants will survive unless there is no carbon dioxide for them in the water. If with the slightest trace of carbon dioxide, your plant will still leave until it uses it up.

Will Flourish raise pH?

No. Flourish won’t affect:

  • pH
  • GH
  • KH

If you use it as directed, it is safe, will not disrupt water chemistry because it doesn’t include buffers or substantial amounts of calcium or magnesium.


Seachem flourish is a plant supplement or additive that helps stimulate growth in plants. It also helps provide good conditions for the wellbeing of your aquatic plants. Make use of Seachem flourish to ensure the good health of your plants.


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