Imagitarium Parasite Remedy, Does It Work?

One of the biggest problems’ aquarists face with pet fish, particularly in community tanks, is the invasion of the containers by pests. However, many aquarium owners consider imagitarium parasite remedy as a means to mitigate the effects of parasites in the tank. Most aquarists, however, contemplate on using it because of the doubt about its effectiveness.

Yes, imagitarium parasite remedy does work. It is capable of providing relief to Ich and several other parasites that can invade the aquarium. Imagitarium is also safe for tank use because its constituents are of natural origin.

Imagitarium Parasite Remedy

Therefore, there is no need to panic about if the compound will harm the fish or if it is safe for other tank members. Imagitarium plant remedy is quite effective and does not harm any living component of your tank, including live plants and the organisms that make up your biological filter.

What Is Imagitarium Parasite Remedy?

When parasites invade the tank, it can leave the tank members with a lot of damages. Aquarists often look for means to mitigate the effect and their ability to survive. Imagitarium parasite remedy is an active replacement for the synthetic chemicals used in the time past.

Most synthetic chemicals used in the past often cause damage to fish and other members of the tank. Likewise, they are quite expensive and not very useful. Imagitarium parasite remedy, on the other hand, is from natural ingredients; hence it does not cause any damage.

You can be rest assured that your fish and other live tank members are safe. The organisms that make up your biological filter are also safe because the introduction of the remedy does not alter them.

Benefits Of Imagitarium Parasite Remedy

In recent times, the imagitarium is fast replacing the chemical and other synthetic and manual ways of dealing with pests. The popularity of imagitarium parasite remedy among aquarists is justified because of its numerous benefits, effectiveness, and low risks.

One of the most significant benefits derived from the use of an imagitarium parasite remedy is that it creates an effective treatment for Ich and other parasites that are common to fish tanks. Aside from this, it is valid and less expensive.

Other notable benefits of imagitarium parasite remedy include;

  • It serves as a trustable natural replacement for the harsh medications for pests.
  • It is environmentally friendly because its principal ingredients are from natural sources.
  • It is non-toxic and not harmful to aquatic life.
  • It does not affect or alter the water quality of the tank. It does not even color the tank water.
  • Imagitarium is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • It does not affect or alter the growth of live plants in the tank.

Common Aquarium Parasites and Diseases

Like humans, fishes also have parasites that invade their tanks and affect their well-being. Although fish have some specific and nonspecific defense against the disease, they still get severely affected.

Consequently, if you allow parasites to thrive for too long in the aquarium, it can cause serious health problems for the fish.

Some common fish parasites and diseases include;


Ich is one of the most prevalent aquarium parasites. They can cause severe harm and damage to the health system of their host. They give noticeable symptoms, and they thrive better at lower tank temperatures. The common symptoms for Ich include; tint elevated white spots on the fins and body of fishes, rubbing body against gravel, pebbles, and other aquarium surfaces, twitching, and rapid breathing. Most times, Ich gets into tanks via the introduction of new fish that already carry the parasite. Remember that the scales of fish are part of the non-specific defense of fish against parasites. Therefore, scaleless fish and silver-scaled fish are generally more susceptible.


Fish Flukes

Flukes are another set of deadly parasites that can affect aquarium fish. They have body parts that can enhance their parasitic activity. For instance, they have a set of hooks around the base of their mouth that allows them to attach and suck their hosts. Their continuous blood-sucking activities weaken their host and sometimes compromise their immune system. They specifically invade the gills and skins of aquarium fish. The symptoms of fish flukes in aquarium fish include; excess secretion of mucus by the mucus membrane, slight blood spots around the body and fins, flared gills, clamped fin, drastic change in color, uneasy breathing, and listlessness.


Fish Lice

Fish lice are quite different both in their physical appearance, and mode of action. They have apparent features that include a broad flat shell, and four prominent legs that they use for swimming. These features enhance their parasitic behavior. Lice are visible to naked eyes; thus, you can easily sight them in the tank. They are capable of infecting freshwater fish and are very common with Koi and Goldfish. It is easy to remove fish lice themselves, but you can need medications like imagitarium parasite remedy to get rid of their eggs.



Chilodonella is quite similar to the Ich parasite in terms of their symptoms. It is a protozoan that mainly thrives in tanks due to low water quality in aquarium tanks. Their prevalence is not particularly affected by any change in temperature. The symptoms of Chilodonella disease include; uneasy breathing, over secretion of mucus, clamped fins, as well as itching that make the fish rub their backs on pebbles, tank walls, and other surfaces. The effective treatments for these parasites include; imagitarium parasite remedy, formaldehyde, acriflavine, and methylene blue.


Parasite invasion is something no aquarium owner will want to have in their tanks. They can cause serious health problems and complications to all members of the container. Therefore, aquarists try as much as possible to prevent these parasites from entering their tanks.

However, parasites still find their way into the tank by one way or the other; hence, the need to get rid of them. Imagitarium parasite remedy is a craft from natural ingredients that are active and effective against aquarium parasites. This method of combating aquarium parasites has replaced the use of chemicals and harsh medications because it is safe, environmentally friendly, and active.