How to Remove White Mold in a Fish Tank?

Do you have a fish aquarium? Does it need maintenance? Does it getting mold penetration but you don’t know how to clean? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here is present the tips related to clean the tank and get rid of obnoxious agents that are harmful to your aquarium pets.

Remove White Mold in a Fish Tank

The aquarium is the perfect place for fungal growth. It is because it gets all the suitable conditions and starts growing. The caretaker has to keep a strict check of the tank so that harmful molds do not grow and do not harm the fish. Now the question is how to keep the aquarium safe against these molds and what to do if the tank gets filled with the molds

Mold Appearance

The mold starts appearing on the tank because of the decomposition of the wood decoration material, excrement, seeping wound or dirty water conditions. If your tank is clean you will see the primary layer of mold on the glass, rocks, decoration as well a son the fish fins. In the start, the slimy thin film of green in color appear on these objects. Later on, if you don’t consider it the thin layer will convert in thick one and it will turn in to dark brown. It is important to clean the tank so that you can prevent fish from any disease and keep the tank environment stress free.

Tips to clean the tank

To clean the tank and give the fish a healthy environment first you have to complete the list of things need for cleaning the aquarium. You must have

  • Toothbrush
  • Algae scrapper
  • Fishnet
  • Extra fish container
  • Aquarium siphon
  • Sponge
  • Water clarifier
  • Paper towels free of chemicals
  • Clean water
  • Hot water
  • Vinegar
  • Mask to prevent yourself from inhaling mold spores.

Before starting the cleaning, the process makes sure you have all the things around you to save your time. now it’s time to clean the tank and get rid of the mold spores. You can do it step by step. Follow the instructions below to have time saving and tidy cleaning.

  1. Shifting of fish

First, put on a mask and take the fishnet to shift the pet to other separate clean container filled with water with controlled temperature and ph.

Point to remember

Keep it away from the infected tank so no mold spore accidentally falls on it.

  1. Cleaning of the tank lid

Now wash your hands properly and take the lid away from tan. Take the scrapper to remove all layers of mold from it.

  • Spray the vinegar all around the lid and use the clean cloth to wipe it out.
  • Rinse the lid with hot water. Spray another layer of vinegar. Allow to sit for two minutes.
  • Again, wipe it with a clean cloth. Once more rinse with hot water and tap dry with cloth. Repeat the rinsing till all the smell of vinegar is gone out.
  • Let it air dry. You can keep outside under the sunlight so that natural heat kills all germs.

Point to ponder

Vinegar is dangerous for fish. So, try to wipe out vinegar thoroughly so that it may not harm your aquatic pets.

  1. Tank treatment

First, drain out whole water from the tank. Take it near to drainage pipe so all content seeps in the hole and there is no spreading of molds on the floor.

  • Now use the algae scraper to scarp all molds. Fill the tank with hot water. Rinse it thoroughly. You can add detergent to neatly clean the tank.
  • You must also replace filter cartridge as mold spore get embed on it and you can’t get rid of it. So, add the new one.
  • Use the clean towel to wipe out the wet. Let it air dry
  • Keep the tank under sunlight to dry it properly and make it germs free.
  1. Cleaning of decoration

First remove all decorations from the tank-like pebbles, gravel, and others in a safe container. Follow the steps below for cleaning aquarium decorations.

  • Pour the hot water over these things and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Now use the toothbrush to scrub away the residues and remove the particles.
  • Rinse again with hot water
  • Let it dry and then place back to the dry clean fish container.
  • Now add the clean dechlorinated water that is safe for the fish. Check the optimum pH required for fish that keep the creatures stress free. Moreover, check the nutrient value so that it helps in better survival of the aquatic animals while preventing the growth of the fungal molds.
  1. Cleaning of containers

Once you have finished cleaning the fish tank and its accessories the last step is tow ash all containers. It is important so that no mold spore remains intact with these containers as the single spore can again cause the growth of molds that may be troublesome for you. So be careful. Wash all the things carefully. Discard brush, sponge or cloth piece used for cleaning of the fish tank. In the last take bath and wash your clothes as well. It is the best way to protect your home plus aquatic pets from the fungus.

Preventing From Regrowth Of Mold

To keep your tank free of, old try to clean it regularly

  • Avoid overfeeding your fish because the leftover is the favorite food for fungus and it starts growing there.
  • Wash the whole tank after 15 to 20 days to control the growth of the spore.
  • Once you make habit of doing so, you will see you don’t have to do much effort in cleaning your tank and your fish will remain healthy too.

Point To Ponder

When cleaning your tank avoid using detergent or chemical that is harmful to the fish. Moreover, check temperature, pH and all other factors that may induce mold growth. Your fish need care so help them giving healthy living by providing the appropriate and hygienic environment.

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