How To Get Rid of White Fungus In Fish Tank? {Best Way}

Has white fungus just appeared in your fish tank and you are wondering how to get rid of white fungus in fish tank?

Are you worried that this fungus or mold will harm your fish?

Molds can become a very serious problem in your fish tank because it can grow and spread quickly in your fish tank.

How To Get Rid of White Fungus In Fish Tank?

First remove all the plants, gravel, decorations and wash them thoroughly. Then apply a fungus treatment to the water before placing everything back in to the tank.

For a fungus and mold treatment I recommend this one from amazon

White Mold in a Fish Tank

The white fuzzy mold in the fish tank will look like in the picture above.  The white mold is actually fungus and will need to be removed from your aquarium as soon as you identify it.

Full details how to get rid of white fungus in fish tank is covered below.

The aquarium is the perfect place for fungal growth. The reason you have white mold in fish tank is because the mold has all the suitable conditions to start growing.

If you have white cotton like stuff in your tank take a look at this article I wrote about that

Why Does My Fish Tank Have White Mold?

White mold will start to grow in your fish tank because it has all the required conditions to grow, the major factor is usually decomposition of materials.

The mold will usually form on rocks, decorations, plants and gravel and will then spread throughout your tank.

The mold will start appearing on the tank because of the decomposition of materials in your tank such as

  • Wood decoration
  • Excrement
  • Seeping wounds
  • Dirty water conditions

At the start, the slimy thin film of green in colour will appear on these objects. Then the thin layer will convert in thick one and it will turn in to dark brown before turning white.

It is important to clean the tank so that you can prevent fish from any disease and keep the tank environment stress free, This will help to prevent white mold in fish tank.

How To Remove White Mold In Fish Tank

To remove the white mold in fish tank you will need to remove all the plants,  substrate and orniments from the tank then apply a mold treatment to the water and wait a few hours before putting everything back.

Once everything has been removed from the tank make sure to wash it and let it dry before putting it back in to your tank.  If you have gravel I recommend to rinse it under a hot tap for a few minutes then put it in boiling water.

Next you will need to wash the inside of the glass in the tank, you can use a clean towel or brush.  Remove any large white fuzzy molds that are floating around in your tank.  These can be removed using a fish net.

After we have cleanted the inside of the glass any small white mold in fish tank will get caught in your tanks filter.  Wait an hour after cleaning the tanks glass then give the filters in your pump a good clean.

Now apply a white mold treatment (You can purchase one from amazon) to the water before placing the plants, substrate and orniments back in to your tank.

What Is The White Stuff Floating In My Fish Tank?

The white stuff floating in your fish tank will be fungus that most likely formed on the rocks, decorations, plants and gravel in your aquarium and has then broken off and is floating around in your tank.

If you notice white stuff floating in your fish tank you will need to take action as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading around your tank.

Below is a video which shows you white fuzzy mold in fish tank.

YouTube video

How To Get Rid Of White Fungus In Fish Tank?

To remove the white fungus in fish tank follow these steps

  1. Wash Your Hands : We do not want to introduce any more molds, bad bacteria or anything else in to the tank
  2. Remove Decorations / Plants / Gravel : Remove all of these from the tank and place in a sink / another tank
  3. Wash The Gravel : I recommend to run hot water over the gravel for a few minutes, Then place in boiling water for 30 minutes (This will kill the white fungus). Finally rinse under hot water. Do not place back in to the tank
  4. Wash The Plants : The plants are a bit harder to clean, I use a damp cloth to rub the white fungus off the plants.  When finished rinse under a tap. Do not place back in to the tank
  5.  Wash The Decorations : I wash the decorations under a hot tap, then use a tooth brush to remove the remaining white mold, then run under a hot tap again.  Do not place back in to the tank
  6. Wipe The Sides Of The Tank : With a cloth and make sure all looks clean
  7. Remove Floating Mold : With a fish net, Wash fish net after use
  8. Clean Your Filter : Now is a good time to clean your filter in the tank because this will also have a build up of fungus in it
  9. Apply Fungus Treatment : Now that we have removed most of the white fuzzy mold from the tank we can apply a fungus treatment (You can purchase one from amazon)
  10. Wait 12 Hours : For the fungus treatment to work
  11. Introduce Plants Back : In to the tank
  12. Introduce Gravel Back : In to the tank, one handful at a time
  13. Introduce Decorations Back 

Your aquarium should now be free from white fungus and white mold in fish tank.

Please note that during this process it is important not to do a water change because this can upset the chemical balance in your tank and is most likely to cause harm to your fish.

YouTube video

If you have followed the above steps how to get rid of white fungus in fish tank and the fungus has come back again a few days or weeks later simply repeat the process again.

Also check out the next section for more things you should be doing.

Preventing From Regrowth Of White Mold

The best way to keep your tank free of white fuzzy mold  is to clean it regularly, you can also do the following

  • Avoid overfeeding your fish because the leftover is the favorite food for fungus and it starts growing there.
  • Wash the whole tank after 15 to 20 days to control the growth of the spore.
  • Once you make habit of doing so, you will see you don’t have to do much effort in cleaning your tank and your fish will remain healthy too.

NOTE : When cleaning your tank avoid using detergent or chemical that is harmful to the fish. Moreover, check temperature, pH and all other factors that may induce mold growth. Your fish need care so help them giving healthy living by providing the appropriate and hygienic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is white Mold Dangerous To Fish?

Yes white mold is dangerous to fish as it will cause them to develop health issues which include eye infections, digestion issues, swim bladder and other diseases.

It is very important to remove the white mold in fish tank as soon as you spot it because it can quickly take over the tank and cause harm to your fish.

What Causes White Fungus In Fish Tanks?

The main causes for white fungus growth in fish tanks include, poor water conditions, Wood decoration, uneaten rotting food, Wood decoration and fish waste.

The best way to prevent white fungus growth is to make sure you do not overfeed your fish. You should only feed them enough food that they can eat within two minutes.

Also make sure that your filter is powerful enough for your tank.

Is White Fungus on Driftwood Harmful to Fish?

White fungus on driftwood is not harmful to fish, but if not treated the fungus will grown and will spread in your tank and it is at that stage that the white fungus will be harmful to your fish.

If you find white fungus in your tank you will need to apply a fungus treatment (You can purchase one from amazon) to your tank, then follow the steps above to clean out your whole tank.

Does Vinegar Kill White Mold In A Fish Tank?

You can use white distilled vinegar to help kill white mold in your fish tank, Vinegar will also lower the Ph level of your water so make sure you have an aquarium testing kit to keep an eye on the level.

How do you treat white fungus on fish?

You can treat white fungus on fish by applying a anti fungus treatment to the tanks water.  The treatment will kill the bacteria / white fungus as well as improving the imune system of your fish.

If you notice white fungus on your fish you need to action ASAP because the fungus will spread quick and can cause your fish to become very ill.

How do you prevent fish eggs from getting fungus?

To prevent fish eggs getting fungus on them you can add methylene blue shortly after the eggs have been laid. Monitor the eggs and remove any that don’t look white with tweezers.

Eggs that don’t look white are most likely to be infected with mold or fungus.

What does fungus look like on a fish?

You can tell your fish has white fungus on them if grey or white spots start to appear all over their body, You might also notice white fuzzy stuff like cotton wool on them.

If you spot the above make sure to act ASAP by adding a fungus treatment to your tanks water.


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