How to Get Rid of Red Turf Algae {Who Is The Best Red Turf Algae Eater?}

Do you wish to get rid pesky Red Turf Algae?

How can you make sure it doesn’t grow back?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to remove and eliminate Red Turf Algae.

How to Get Rid of Red Turf Algae:

To get rid of red turf algae scrape, scrub and pick away at this stubborn type of algae to loosen its grip and manually remove it. Allow large Turbo Snails to mow down Red Turf Algae along with a few other algae eaters. Be careful with chemicals that may harm your tank’s ecosystem,

If they cannot be removed, we’ll have to pick at it where it stands. Use a dental pick and clean the rocks or objects thoroughly.

Loosen the algae and take them out. You can also choose to remove and replace rocks instead of cleaning them. Employ some red turf algae eaters as well such as:

  • Large Mexican Turbo Snails
  • Sea Hares
  • Emerald Crabs
  • Sea Urchins
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What Is Red Turf Algae?

Red turf algae forms a layer of grass over rocks and corals. They can get all over decorations and some equipment too. The thick and thin branches are short and cover areas like a turf mat, hence its name.

The color is vibrant and may look appealing if you can keep the growth under control. With excess nutrients, phosphates, lack of CO2 and too much lighting, red turf algae can take over your tank.

Red turf algae is especially able to survive under low lights as well. A blackout is not your best method to remove this pesky algae growth.

Is Red Turf Algae Difficult To Remove?

Yes. The turf growth is stubborn and hard to remove manually. You will need a lot of time and patience to pick at it. Red turf algae can take over the tank if not treated.

Removing red turf algae before it spreads is essential to a healthy and thriving aquarium ecosystem that depends on balance. Some red turf algae is tolerated, but an infestation becomes a nuisance.

Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide On Red Turf Algae?

Using hydrogen peroxide is risky in your aquarium. You will have to be very careful. We only recommend using hydrogen peroxide when you can remove items that are covered in red turf algae.

You can give them a hydrogen peroxide bath, then wash them thoroughly with water. Another method that is riskier is to inject hydrogen peroxide in small amounts in areas where there is red turf algae growth.

You will notice the color getting lighter and becoming orange or pale. Large Turbo Snails can also be employed to mow through the algae once is weakens.

How Did Red Turf Algae Develop?

Red turf algae has adapted in special ways to survive in your tank. It’s stubborn and difficult to remove. The color is unique and appealing in small sections, but not when it takes over your tank.

The red color blends in well and predators of algae do not notice it as obviously as green algae. The color allows for better photosynthesis and can survive in low-lit environments as well.

Brown and green algae need to absorb significantly more light, allowing red turf algae to live in lower depths in the wild and in your tank.

What Can I Buy To Remove Red Turf Algae?

It’s difficult to advise anyone to add any chemicals into their delicate ecosystem that they manage. You can speak to an expert at a local fish shop, but you may only walk out with an Algaecide.

You may also be told to use 10% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water. Chemicals are harmful to your marine and aquatic life. They can be dangerous to you as well.

  1. Gloves, mask and goggles should be worn.
  2. Follow instructions on packages or bottles.

Remove red turf algae covered items if possible and apply chemicals. Then wash them out with water and let dry before placing them back in.

Otherwise you can try using a brush or syringe to apply small amounts of chemicals to red turf algae growth in your tank carefully.

Will LED Lights Get Rid Of Red Hair Algae?

LED lights can help to reduce the amount of algae blooms by hindering the red output. These LED lights will target red algae in particular, but will not kill them off.

They have shown to be effective in preventing overgrowth and expansion of red turf algae. This pesky type of algae has adapted to survive under low lighting.

Nothing in our opinion beats scraping and picking away at it. It’s the most boring and tedious job, but the most effective.

What Is The Best Red Turf Algae Eater?

The Mexican Turbo Snail is the fastest red turf algae eater in our experience and observation. These slow movers act like lawn mowers instead of fish that swim towards and away from it with tiny little nibbles at a time.

Tangs are great and focusing on algae growth, but the Mexican Turbo Snail beats them all. Help them out by loosening the Red Turf Algae by manually scraping at it.

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