Why Are My Fish Getting Stuck to Filter in Tank

Do you find occasions where it seems your fish is not in the tank anymore? Have you experienced your fish getting stuck to a filter in the tank, or you are scared it might happen? If yes, do you want to know why or how it happened? Then read on to get the full details.

Fish getting stuck to filter in a tank is one of the problems tank owners encounter with small-sized fish. Also, It usually occurs when the filter in the tank does not have a front guard. It happens when the tank is not large enough, forcing the fish to swim in the filter way.

Why Are My Fish Getting Stuck in the Filter?

There are several reasons why your fish can get stuck in the filter. One of the reasons your fish get stuck to the filter in the tank is the fish’s size. However, If your fish is small in size, it will face a high risk of getting stuck in the filter, especially when accompanied by other factors.

Here are some other factors that cause fish to get stuck in a filter;

  • Size of tank: One common cause of your fish getting stuck to the filter is the size of your tank. If the tank is too small for your fish, it will have a limited place to swim. In addition to this, confinement will make it swim around the filter often, making it prone to this disaster.
  • Filter guard: One essential component of a tank filter is the filter guard. The filter guard prevents fish and other smaller aquatic organisms from being sucked into the filter. However, If your filter does not have this guard, you put your fish at great risk of being stuck.
  • Size of filter: The size of your filter is also crucial as it determines the power at which the filter sucks in water. If the filter is too large for your tank, it will suck in water with great force. As a result of this, Fish in the tank might find it hard to withstand this force and get caught up in the filter.
  • Cleanliness of filter: The cleanliness of your filter also matters when your fish starts getting stuck. When the filter gets dirty and full of particles, it will start malfunctioning and sucking in water abnormally. This change in action can cause your fish to start getting stuck in the filter.

You have to be careful when using the filter for you not to lose your fish. Improper care and control of the filter can cause your fish to get stuck in it.

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How Do I Stop My Fish from Sucking into Filters?

There are several ways you can prevent your fish from getting stuck in the filters. You have to keep your fish from getting sucked into the filter to keep them safe. Here are a few ways to get it done.

  • Please increase your tank’s size: As you know, the size of a tank can affect the possibilities of your fish getting stuck in the tank, you to be wary of it. You have to make sure your fish tank is big enough to accommodate its movement. Also, a big tank will suppress the action of a large filter, reducing the risk of your fish getting stuck.
  • Set up your filter guard: A filter guard will provide ultimate protection to your fish by preventing fish and particles from being sucked up. The guard will reduce the number of things getting into the filter. It will keep your fish safe, regardless of the size of your fish.
  • Use the exact filter: One of the problems tank owners face is the inability to decide the type of filter that fits their tank’s size. If you have a small tank, you should not use a large filter to be too powerful for the fish. This is because the filter will create a suction force that the fish will not be able to withstand

Even if the fish withstands this force, in the long run, it will wear out and give in. you have to make sure the filter fits the size of the tank you are using. If you can keep this measure intact, your fish will face little risk of getting stuck in the filter.

  • Clean the filter: A messed up filter can malfunction and get your fish trapped in it. You have to make sure the filter is clean and free from dirt. Remove every particle from the filter to ensure the safety of your fish.

Can a Fish Die from Getting Stuck?

Your fish can die from getting stuck, as it is very common. It will, however, happen if the fish get stuck for a long while. To prevent your fish’s death, you will have to make sure it does not get stuck.

Peradventure it gets stuck, you should not leave it in there for long. Take efficient preventive and corrective measures for your fish to be safe.

Could My Filter Be Killing My Fish?

Filters in the tank are not always responsible for the death of your fish. Filters will only cause the death of your fish when they get stuck in it. You have to make sure the filter does not trap your fish in it.

If you can keep your fish from getting to the filter, you can rest assured they are safe. However, you can as well get a filter guard to keep your fish away from getting stuck in the filter.

Can a Filter Be Too Strong for a Fish?

Your filter can be too strong for your fish, especially if the tank is way too small for the filter. When the tank is too small for the filter, it creates a great current that might be too much for some. Furthermore, Ii also creates a great suction force that puts the fish at the risk of being sucked up.

Is it Okay to Turn Off Fish Filter at Night?

Turning off the fish filter at night might not be a good thing to do. Also, the filter plays an important role in keeping the tank aerated. Turning off the filter for hours can deprive the tank of the needed elements and affect your fish’s health.

But you can turn it off once in a while if you are certain that your tank is in a great condition.


Your fish can get stuck to your filter in the tank if you do not take proper care of them. As a result of this, you have to take the necessary measures to keep your fish safe from being sucked and ensure their good health.