Can You Put a Fish Tank On a Shelf?

If you’ve just set up your fish tank, chances are you’re looking for a suitable place to keep it. Aquarium owners often wonder about the best place for their aquarium. Some for aesthetic purposes, others for the overall health and wellbeing of the fishes. Can You Put a Fish Tank On a Shelf?

Yes you can, but you will need to make sure the shelf is strong enough to support your tank.  I recommend to use square steel frame and bolt it to the wall. It is okay to set up your aquarium as part of home decor but it is also important to take into cognizance the health of your fish while doing this.

Can You Put a Fish Tank On a Shelf

Fish tanks come in various shapes and sizes. And with each size, determines its positioning. Fish tanks are built to have a support system.

This support system accommodates not just the tank size, but the overall weight of the tank when filled. While some fish tanks are built with a stand, others are not and must be placed on a surface.

The big question is: can you put a fish tank on a shelf?

The answer is Yes.

A shelf is a flat, hard, raised horizontal surface used as a store display, supported by a rack and hinged to a wall. Shelves are sturdy and have the capacity to carry a ton of weight. Made out of wood and metals, shelves are most reliable for carrying your fish tank.

Just like fish tanks, shelves come in various types and sizes too. Before you place your fish tank on a shelf, you must:

Use a shelf specifically built to hold a fish tank

There are different kinds of shelves and although naturally sturdy, they may not be able to hold your fish tank. Remember weight is an important factor.

A shelf meant to hold books would definitely fail at holding your fish tank. But a shelf built for a fish tank is built with the capacity and would definitely hold one.

Ensure the shelf’s size can accommodate your fish tank

The last thing you want is an accident that will leave your tank broken, and your fishes in danger. Water has weight and could add over seven pounds to your tank. Be sure to measure the weight of your tank after it is filled with water and fish, compare this with the weight of your shelf. Make sure your shelf is fully equipped to accommodate the size.

Consider Accessibility

The goal is to have a healthy fish, grow in a thriving environment. While using a shelf, you’d need to create clearance space behind your tank to enable you to drain waste from the tank.

Keep Shelves in Protective Environment

Keeping your fish tank in a dark place, away from direct sunlight, will go a long way to preventing the growth of algae and increased temperature. Also avoid noise from TV, busy locations as this could make your fish jumpy and uncomfortable.


For the long term, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to shelves and, or aquarium stands.

Take your time and choose a lasting option that will fill you with satisfaction and also beneficial to your fish’s health, as this is a priority.