Can Brown Java Moss Turn Green Again?

Java moss is one of the most popular aquarium mosses and they are quite easy to grow. Java moss is also hardy and can adapt to varying water parameters.

Java Moss Turn Green Again

Yes, brown java moss can still turn green again. It is a common thing to see java moss grow brown and appear dead when the conditions are too harsh. But they will rejuvenate and thrive again once the conditions are favourable.

Java moss typically turns brown because of algae in the water, The best way to tackle algae in your aquarium is to treat the water with something like tera algae remover which is available from amazon.

Overall, java moss is quite popular because it adds values to the tank, it has an appealing look, and it is easy to grow. Despite how resilient java mosses are, they can still turn brown under extremely unfavorable conditions.

Why is Java Moss Turning Brown?

The most likely cause of java moss turning brown is poor water conditions that allows algae to grow and spread through out the tank.

If your tank also has excessive light and in direct sunlight this will also help the algae to take over your tank.

It is the algae in your tank that is making Java Moss to turn brown.

Below is what your java moss will look like

Can Brown Java Moss Turn Green Again

Common Problems With Java Moss

As much as the growth of java moss is quite easy, the cultivation of this plant can still pose little problems.

The biggest problem attached to java moss is algae growth. Removing algae can be quite tasking once they start growing on java moss.

Algae can grow very quickly under excessive light and poor water conditions.

Other common problems with java moss include;

  • It can clog the surface of tank filters if it is not thinned out regularly
  • It can dislodge from what it is attached to if it grows too thick and dense.
  • Excessive growth of java moss can also prevent water from reaching the middle sections of the tank.

However, there is no cause for alarm because these problems can be removed with simple precautionary and correctional steps such as to treat the water with something like tera algae remover which is available from amazon.

How To Make Java Moss Turn Green Again

One of the unique features that makes java moss a top choice is for many aquariums is that it is hardy and will grow in most water types.

Likewise, java moss is compatible with almost all species of fish.

However, you can get a better result when you keep the plants under ideal conditions.

Below I will go through the points that you can see in the below video

The best tank conditions for java moss include

Java moss will grow faster and better at the above temperature range.

Nevertheless, it can still tolerate temperatures up to 30oC. Before raising the temperature, it is important to know that the warmer the water, the slower the growth of java moss.

Likewise, light, fertilization, and CO2 are other factors that can influence how well java moss will thrive.

Although these parameters are not very important as java moss can still thrive well without them.

They can cope with both high and low light densities depending on the choice of the aquarium owner.

The addition of CO2 and fertilization can also accelerate the growth rate of the plant.

Maintenance of java moss is largely about trimming, and it is dependent on the owner of the tank.

You can either decide to allow it to grow wild by only trimming occasionally or trim regularly to get your desired shape. Trimming java moss requires only a pair of scissors and the process id quite easy.


Java moss is significantly easy to cultivate, grow, maintain and difficult to kill. The plant can however turn brown and appear dead once the conditions are too harsh or extremely unfavorable. However, the good news is that this condition can be reversed once you make the water conditions favorable. Likewise, every problem attached to java moss in your tank can be solved with simple precautionary and correctional measures.


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