5 Best Floating Aquarium Plants For Guppies

Floating Aquarium Plants

All fish love plants in their aquarium and guppies are no exception to this fact. Guppies generally prefer plants that they can swim through, swim under, and get some shelter. Guppies love to have plants in their aquarium because it provides a hiding place for them. Likewise, it also helps the aquarium simulate guppies’ natural habitat.

There are several plants that you can add to the aquarium, but guppies have their preference. The best floating aquarium plants for guppies are Java moss, Hornwort, Amazon Frogbit, floating bladderwort, and Water lettuce.

Plants provide exclusive benefits when they are in the aquarium. They even give better results when you correctly select a suitable plant for specific fish type. If you have guppies tank, you should consider introducing any of the five floating aquarium plants below.

Java Moss

Java moss is one of the best floating aquarium plants that are particularly suitable for guppies. It is a top choice for aquarium generally because it is easy to maintain, has fast growth, difficult to kill, and it is easy to propagate. Aquarists often attach the plants to something at the base of the tank. This clinging is due to the floating feature of the plant. This clinging will prevent it from roaming about too freely in the tank. The plant can thrive at a temperature between the range of 72-90°C. The plants also thrive pretty well in any lighting condition, and it can grow well without CO2 or fertilizers. Guppies particularly love java moss because its long thingy leaves provide a suitable hiding place for them. They also love to swim through and under the java moss plant.

Amazon Frogbit

Amazon frogbit is another floating plant guppies love to have in their tank. It can float on top of your tank without requiring any substrate. Guppies specifically like to have the plants in their tank because of the plant’s broad rounded leaves. These extended leave provide an excellent hiding place for Guppies and also a fun spot for them to swim around. Amazon frogbit plants in an aquarium are quite easy, and it grows very fast. It doesn’t need any special care; it only requires decent lighting and primary tank healthy conditions.


Hornwort is an excellent aquarium plant, especially for guppies. It is a moss-like plant because of its kind of leave. Cultivation of the plant in the aquarium is quite easy; anchor the plant down for the root to take hold. Hornwort is quite hardy, and it grows fast. It only requires regular trimming as maintenance. Green leave of the plant makes the tank looks more attractive and natural. Aside from that, the leave also serves as a right hiding place for guppies. Likewise, it also serves as a good water filter.

Floating Bladderwort

Floating bladderwort is another excellent addition to guppies’ tank. The plant stems from the carnivorous group, but it is almost perfect for fish tanks generally. The plant is called bladderwort because of the bladder-like traps at the submerged area of the plant. When the plant develops fully, it will produce a bright yellow bloom. The plant is suitable for your tank because it traps and destroys microorganisms in the tank. Guppies also love to swim through and under the plant.

Water Lettuce

Water lettuce is quite similar to the Amazon frogbit plant. This plant is exclusive because of its long roots and attractive leaves. It is more suitable and decorative in a big tank. It grows pretty fast, and it does not take too much effort to make the plant grow healthy and green. Aside from the fact that the plant is decorative to the tank, it also provides shade for guppies while also helping the tank simulates their natural environment.

Benefits Of Floating Aquarium Plants In Guppies Tank

While experienced aquarists already know the benefits of having plants in aquarium tanks; beginners might be wondering why they need to add plants to their Guppies’ tank.

Introducing floating aquarium plants to your tank comes with a lot of benefits that include;

  • Providing Shades and Hiding Place For Guppies: Floating plants offer the perfect shades for guppies. In a community tank, it also provides a hiding place for both adult guppies and guppy fry. Shades in guppies’ tank also help them hide from troublesome tank members.
  • Addition Of Oxygen To The Tank: Most aquarium plants helps in the natural aeration of the tank. It provides a natural supplement of the much-needed oxygen in fish tanks. This process also helps in the natural filtration and elimination of toxins from the container. It also aids the breathing of guppies by regulating the amount of oxygen available to the tank inhabitants.
  • It Simulates The Natural Habitat Of The Plant: The presence of plants in aquarium adds a natural green look that simulates the natural habitat of guppies. The plants add stylish and attractive green features to the tank. Guppies have while fun swimming through plants, thereby, giving them a similar feeling like their counterparts in the wild.
  • Protection Of The Tank: Green plants in the aquarium can protect the members of the tank by acting as a filter element. Plants can also harbor some microorganisms that can handle both chemical and biological filtration effectively. The plants also provide places for the fish to rest, thereby protecting them from stress. It also protects the tank members from diseases and predatory attacks from more significant and violent species.


The aquarium tank needs some special touches to make it perfect for fish. The introduction of floating plants to guppies’ tank is one of these special touches. Adding plants to guppies’ tank comes with a lot of advantages, including protecting and preserving the tank.

However, for you to effectively derive the benefits of having plants in your tank, you must only add suitable types of plants. Guppies specifically prefer some plants more than the others. They particularly like floating plants that can provide them with hiding places, comfortable for them to swim through and under, and also simulate their natural habitat.