Why Is My Goldfish Gasping For Air? What Should I Do

goldfish gasping

If you think that your goldfish might be gasping for air, there are usually signs which can confirm this. We’re going to explain how you can notice this and why it might be happening to your goldfish, so why is my goldfish gasping for air? The reason your goldfish are gasping for air is because … Read more

How To Save A Dying Goldfish? Find Out Here

save a dying goldfish

If you own goldfish and love having them as pets, it can be very distressing if they show signs of dying. So how do you save a dying goldfish? To save a dying goldfish you will need to transfer them to a separate tank with fresh water, Only transfer the sick fish.  Monitor them for … Read more

Blue Phantom Pleco Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Blue Phantom Pleco

Blue phantom plecos are beautiful freshwater fish with beautiful armor and suckermouth designed for feeding. The blue phantom pleco usually has dark blue and white dots colourful appearance and can grow to a large size. These fish are omnivorous as they can feed on both plants and flesh, making it very easy to feed them. … Read more

Are Angelfish Cichlids Fish? Find Out Here

Are Angelfish Cichlids Fish

Angelfish are freshwater fish with several features and behaviors that make them unique. They are possibly the most recognized or known freshwater fish in the aquarium. Angelfish are cichild fish which contain around 2,000 species, These cichlids show aggression, especially during spawning or pair-off season, and they won’t hesitate to feed on smaller fish. What … Read more

Do Goldfish Need A Heater? Will They Get To Cold

do goldfish need a heater

Goldfish are glamorous and good-looking aquarium fish. They are easy to keep in the aquarium and are generally peaceful. Goldfish are easy to care for because you can meet their demands easily; they are not strict with their tank and water requirements. Goldfish are cold-water fish and they do not need a heater. You might … Read more

Do Goldfish Have Teeth? Will They Bite You

Do Goldfish Have Teeth

Goldfish are one of the most active and peaceful members of the aquarium. The mouth formation of goldfish is quite different from most other fish species. Goldfish do have teeth. But unlike humans and most other animals, the teeth are not located on the gum in the mouth. They are located far back in the … Read more

Can Goldfish See In The Dark? What You Need To Know

Can Goldfish See In The Dark

Have you ever wondered after turning off all the lights at night, can goldfish see in the dark? Goldfish cannot see in the dark, but they have a highly developed sense of smell which they will use to navigate around the tank at night if they need to. They will also use vibrations in the … Read more

Do Goldfish Get Lonely? Do They Need Company?

Do Goldfish Get Lonely

Goldfish is one of the most common freshwater fish that belongs to Cyprinidae, known as the carp family. It is the smallest member of this family but well-known for its colorful appearance. The goldfish is slightly different from most fishes in the carp family because it does not possess mouth barbels. Goldfish are not schooling … Read more

Do Goldfish Sleep? How To Tell And How Long?

Do Goldfish Sleep

Goldfish are common aquarium fish and they are easy to keep because of their gentle and peaceful nature. This fish species spend most of their time swimming gracefully in the middle and bottom of the tank. Goldfish are timid and slow swimmers. Yes, goldfish take a few moments off their swimming activities to rest or … Read more

Do Goldfish Need A Filter? Will They Survive?

Do Goldfish Need A Filter

Goldfish are hardy fish and can live in a wide variety of water conditions, but do goldfish need a filter? Goldfish produce a lot of waste and as such will require a filter in the tank. Although they can survive in a bowl without a filter, this setup can make life a little complicated and … Read more

Do Goldfish Eat Snails? Can They Coexist In The Same Tank

do goldfish eat snails

If you are thinking to add snails to your aquarium you will want to know do goldfish eat snails? Goldfish will eat any snail that is small enough to fit inside their mouth. In the wild some goldfish will actively search for snails to eat, expect the same behaviour in your aquarium. Having said that … Read more

Otocinclus Catfish Care : A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Otocinclus Catfish

The Otocinclus catfish are very peaceful fish as you can put them in varieties of freshwater community aquariums. The Otocinclus catfish are scavenger fish that mainly feed on algae as their natural food, making their feeding easy. They are great for beginners as they are very easy to look after and pose no stress threats … Read more