Can Clownfish Jump Out of the Tank? {Will They Jump?}

Are you disturbed that your clownfish jumps too high in the tank? Can clownfish jump out of the tank?

Is it possible for this aquatic species to jump out of the tank?

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about clownfish and its environment.

Can Clownfish Jump out of the Tank?

Yes, Clownfish can jump out of the tank if the tank isn’t high enough. The fish may jump so high due to a low oxygen concentration or developing diseases. It could also be caused by the presence of predatory fishes or a bad water condition.

How to Stop Clownfish from Jumping out of the Tank

You can stop clownfish from jumping out of the tank by providing them with a favorable water condition, using mesh covers, and pairing them with a friendly mate tí avoid conflict.

To stop your clownfish from jumping out of the tank, you first have to identify why they jump. In some cases, it might be due to conflict with other clownfish. It might also be due to lack of enough oxygen in the tank.

Thus, identifying the cause will lead you to choosing the most appropriate solution. Some common ways to stop clownfish from jumping out of the tank include:

  • Providing favorable water condition 
  • Use mesh covers
  • Choose a friendly tank mate. 

Is it Normal for a Clownfish to Jump Out of its Tank?

Yes, it is very typical for clownfish to jump out of its tank. For clownfish, jumping in its natural habitat is normal behavior. They are original settlers of the wild Ocean. So naturally, they jump for fun to land back in the exact water seconds later.

The jumping of a clownfish is a normal phenomenon, but many reasons could also trigger it. Here are some reasons why clownfish could jump out of its tank.

  • Unfavorable water condition
  • Predatory fishes 
  • Diseases 
  • Bad lightening 
  • Accident 

1. Unfavorable water condition

The water condition affects the clownfish. If you notice that your clownfish jumps a lot, you should consider monitoring their water characteristics such as concentration of elements, pH level, and water temperature. If the water condition is not favorable for the fish, naturally, they jump out in search of suitable habitat for them. A bad water condition could make them sick or even kill them.

2. Predatory fishes

If your tank contains other species of fish that could feed on them or bully them, the clownfish will be forced to adopt jumping as a defensive strategy. You should choose your clownfish tank mate carefully so that they don’t get bullied or forced to jump out in order to find a safer environment.

3. Diseases and infections

A clownfish that is infected by diseases might be compelled to funny behaviors such as unnecessary jumping. If you notice that your clownfish jumps out of its tank often or even make an attempt, you should consider checking its physical condition to check for diseases or infection threats.

4. Bad lightening

Clownfish are known to be easily frightened and are also characterized by a bad temperament. An unfavorable lighting condition could make them jump out of their tank. If you just got your clownfish, you should study the lighting and adjust the tank lights to a suitable standard for them.

5. Accident

Jumping is a thing clownfish enjoy doing. As they do in the wild, they jump out to the surface and jump right in for fun. Since jumping is a generic behavior for clownfish, they might jump out of their tank accidentally if your tank is not wide enough to accommodate such activity.

How High can a Clownfish Jump?

Being a member of the family Pomacentridae family, clownfish are categorized as natural jumpers. Although there is no defined limit to their jumping abilities; however, a recent research showed that clownfish could jump as high as 4 inches.

As part of the family Pomacentridae, clownfish are energetic and invest a lot of time exploring their jumping skills.

Can Clownfish Jump out of the Tank

Their jumping could be associated with survival techniques. They jump out of their water bodies to get food from the surface or even protect themselves from predatory breeds.

With an average body size of about 12cm, clownfish are terrific jumpers. Like most fishes, the more clownfish jumps, the better they become at it.



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