Do Shrimp Eat Algae (Everything You Need to Know)

Do Shrimp Eat Algae

Do you have shrimps and algae together in your tank or pond? Are you thinking of letting your shrimp eat the algae? Or do you plan on adding algae to your shrimp’s diet? You have everything you need to know about shrimp and algae in this article.

Shrimps are good eaters of algae as they will start eating algae as they grow from their early stage to their adult stage. They will also feed on worms in the tank, both alive and dead.

What Kind of Shrimp Eat Algae?

Various shrimps will eat algae from your tank or pond. At the same time, not all shrimps eat algae. Here a few shrimps that will eat algae whenever they come across them.

  • Amano shrimp: They are one of the algae eating shrimps you can put in your tank. They are effective algae cleaners and will perform a good job in clearing your tank of algae. Amano algae will also eat any algae that comes their way.
  • Cardinal shrimp: Cardinal shrimp are also a good exterminator of algae in the tank. They come in beautiful colors and provide a gorgeous look for your tank. They will also help eat and get rid of algae from your tank for better water quality.
  • Cherry shrimp: Cherry shrimps are one of the most popular shrimps in the aquarium hobby. It is not difficult to discover the algae-eating abilities of these shrimps as you will see them munching on them in no time. They will spend most of their day and time eating algae and biofilms from their waters.
  • Ghost shrimps: Ghost shrimps have a similar body appearance to Amano shrimps, making most people mistake them for each other. Like Amano shrimps, ghost shrimps have a clear body. They will also feed on algae every time they come across them.

All shrimps are omnivores, which means they will spend their lifetime eating varieties of food ranging from flesh to plants. Most shrimps will eat biofilms, small plants, algae, etc., while others will look for tastier options. You can even have these shrimps in your tank to help get rid of your algae infestation.

Several other types of shrimps eat algae. You only have to discover their algae eating abilities.

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Do Shrimps Eat Algae Wafers

Shrimps will eat algae wafers when they come across them. Although this might only apply to shrimps that eat algae, generally, shrimps will eat algae wafers. Algae wafers are highly nutritious and will provide beneficial nutrients to your shrimps.

If you are feeding your shrimps with algae wafers, you will need to do that daily. The amount of algae wafers you feed to them depends on the number of shrimps you have in your tank or pond. A larger number of shrimps means you will need a large amount of algae wafers to feed them.

You can make algae wafers a treat and give them to them once in a while. You can also include it in their diet and give them an adequate amount of it. Giving your shrimps an inadequate amount of algae wafers can tell on their health or body.

You can supplement the algae wafers with another high-quality food. You can even substitute other foods for algae wafers when feeding your shrimps. Whatever you decide to feed the shrimps, you should ensure you provide them with highly nutritious food.

Giving them nutritious food will help their growth and development. It will also keep the shrimps defended against diseases and any form of illness. Algae wafers will provide your shrimps with nutrients, but you can provide them with more nutrients by adding other foods to their diet.

Is Algae Good for Shrimps?

Algae are good for your shrimps as they provide them with high nutritional values. In the wild, shrimps eat algae, which means it has many nutritional benefits. Feeding your shrimps with algae is good for your shrimp’s health, growth and development.

Like plants, algae contain essential nutrients that keep your shrimp going. Proper consumption of algae can boost the growth of your shrimp as algae contain a noticeable amount of protein. The protein will help in the building of cells in your shrimp, causing it to grow rapidly.

Algae are also a good source of vitamins and minerals for your shrimps. Aquatic organisms need vitamins and minerals for their daily activities, and shrimps are not an exception in this regard. Feeding your shrimps with algae can help build its immunity against diseases and illnesses.

If you have a stable supply of these nutrients in your shrimp food, you might not need to feed them with algae. But if your shrimp foods are not of standard quality, you might need to add algae to their diet to supplement the nutrient. Algae are good as a treat for your shrimps but will make no less impact if added to their diet.

There are several types of algae, and you need to know which one suits your shrimps. Shrimps like Amano shrimps do not have problems with algae as they will feed on any type they come across. You need to know the type of shrimp you have and the type of algae it eats.

Feeding your shrimp with the wrong type of algae can be toxic and even fatal to your shrimp. You don’t want to place your fish under distress and trouble, so you need to be cautious with your choice of algae.

Will Shrimp Eat Algae Off Glass?

Shrimps can eat algae off anything. You can notice your algae spending hours searching and scraping off algae from the glass of your tank. They will only not eat algae off-tank but also on structures in the tank.

You can see them surfing substrates while they pick and eat up algae they come across. Shrimps will also move about on structures in the tank, scraping and eating every alga they encounter. They will also eat algae off decorations, water devices, etc.

Algae are easy to scrape off and will cause the shrimp no stress. Most times, algae exist on the surface of structures like tank walls, decorations, water equipment, plants, etc. Your shrimp will always have to scrape them off the surface to feed on them.

How Long Do Algae Eating Shrimp Live?

Many might expect algae-eating shrimps not to live long, but the reverse is the case. Algae-eating shrimps usually live longer than most aquarists expect. Algae eating shrimps can live for about 2 to 3 years before giving up on life.

It occurs because of the nutritional value algae provide to shrimps. Feeding algae to your shrimp gives it the needed nutrients for its daily activities and long-term survival. Algae also help your algae-eating shrimps build their immunity, adding to their long life.

It might be tedious and require professionalism to take care of algae-eating shrimps; you can rest assured that they will live for a long while. Aquatic conditions can pose a risk to their survival in their early stage, but they become resilient to life forces once they pass the stage.

Your algae-eating shrimp will also live long if you provide it with adequate water conditions. The water condition can be a huge deciding factor in your shrimp’s life. If your water condition is poor, your shrimp will have to face a reduced life span.

If you have the right water condition, your shrimp will live up to expectations. So, you need to maintain good water quality. You also have to provide the right choice of food for your shrimps. If you do not feed your shrimp adequately, they might experience a reduced life span.

Although shrimps eat algae, you still need to provide them with high-quality food for their good health. You also need to ensure you give them highly nutritious food for their safe growth and development.

Are Ghost Shrimps Algae Eaters?

Ghost shrimps are efficient algae eaters. They will eat algae so well they can keep your tank clean of them within a short period. Ghost shrimps have a strong appetite for algae and will feed on them whenever they see them.

Many people mistake ghost shrimps for Amano shrimps because of their similar physical characteristics. Ghost shrimps and Amano shrimps both have clear bodies and a strong appetite for algae. If you have ghost shrimps in your tank, then you should rest assured you can be free from algae infestation.

Ghost shrimps will also make a compatible tankmate for other aquatic organisms. You can keep them with different fish in the same tank and have no issues. You can also keep them with other shrimps in the same tank.

Ghost shrimps will help you provide your tank with a clean environment. They will also help maintain good water quality for your aquatic life.


Shrimps will eat algae when they come across them. Not all shrimps eat algae, though, but all algae-eating shrimps will treat themselves to a meal of algae when they come across them. Several shrimps eat algae, like ghost shrimps, Amano shrimps, etc.