What To Feed White Cloud Minnow Fry

Breeding in white cloud minnow fish is quite similar to other species.  Likewise, their fry needs special care and food, just like the fry of other fish. Therefore, you should be cautious of what you feed your white minnow fry if you want them to grow healthy and colorful.

What To Feed White Cloud Minnow Fry

What To Feed White Cloud Minnow Fry? You can feed your white cloud minnow fry almost any aquatic fish food. They prefer flake foods, pellets, and brine shrimp. They also prefer sinking food over floating food at the surface of the tank.

What Do White Cloud Minnow Fry Eat?

You can feed white cloud minnow flake foods pellets and brine shrimp.  They find food that sinks easier to eat and digest as it is typically softer than food that floats.

White minnow fry is often active upon hatching. The fish often respond to the type of food they eat. They often need food that will provide them with enough energy for their activities.

The food you feed your minnow fry will affect their growth. That is why it is preferable to feed your fry with foods that are rich in protein. These types of food will facilitate their growth.

Aside from affecting their growth rate, these foods can also determine the overall growth level. On average, a minnow can grow up to 5 cm, and whether they will attain this maximum size is partially dependent on what you feed the fry.

How Often To feed White Cloud Minnow Fry

White cloud minnow fry should be fed 2-3 times a day.  You should feed them enough food that they can eat for no longer than two minutes.

If they are eating for longer than two minutes you are over feeding them.

Breeding White Cloud Minnow Fish

The breeding process is an essential step in the aquarium process. It determines the longevity and sustainability of your tank.

Compared to similar aquarium fish, white minnows are relatively easy to breed. They are not complicated to handle for first time breeders and beginners. However, the mating pair of the fish do not provide any parental care to their fry.

One significant point to note about minnow breeding is that they are egg scatterers. Nonetheless, they are not aggressive about eating up their eggs or their fry.

There are two main approaches to breeding white minnows in the aquarium. The first method is allowing the white clouds to produce in their tank. And the alternative method is getting a smaller breeding tank.

Allowing them to breed in their regular tank is relatively easy. This ease is because white minnows are not aggressive about eating up their eggs or fry. Consequently, a lot of fry, most times as much as you want, will survive this approach.

If you want to use the breeding tank approach, you need colorful males and active females. The size of the tank is usually about 10 gallons, depending on the number of members you are adding. In any case, the females should be twice as much as the males.

However, you can remove the parents from the tank if you need a lot of fry. This process will eliminate the cannibalism of fry by their parents. However, you might not have to worry much about this because a common white minnow can coexist with the tiniest fry.

Once the breeding season starts, you will notice the male moving alongside with females. This stage is known as courting.  This courting would continue until spawning.

Tank Requirements For White Minnow Breeding

White minnow might need a slight alteration to the general tank condition of white minnows during the breeding season. This alteration is relatively more straightforward if you are making use of a breeding tank.

For breeding tanks, you need to set a place for the fish to spawn. You can either make use of clumps of plants or spawning mop.

Don’t forget that white minnows are egg scatterers; therefore, you need to provide them with suitable surfaces for the eggs to attach.

During spawning, you should ensure that the water in the fish tank is soft. Likewise, you should pay attention to the pH level. The suitable pH level for the white minnow breeding tank is usually 6.5 to 7.5.

Also, importantly, you should pay attention to the temperature of the tank. The suitable temperature is usually between 68-72°F. The tub should neither be too hot nor too cold for the upcoming fry.

To optimize a breeding tank, you can consider the addition of a gentle filter. This filter will help you keep the tank clean while ensuring proper filtration. In most cases, sponge filters are the best.

White minnow eggs usually hatch just 36-48 hours after spawning. They can stay attached to surfaces for up to 24 hours after spawning. Nevertheless, substrates are not necessary for breeding tanks.

After hatching, you need to follow up on your fry. White minnow fry multiplies, and it is easy to care for the fry. You can evacuate the breeding parents from the aquarium and also feed them appropriately.


White Minnow fish are hardy. They can feed and reproduce in a large variety of environments. In the wild, they are common in many habitats, including creeks and streams.

Likewise, white minnow forms a good aquarium fish. They are comfortable to take care of, and they breed very quickly. Breeding in white minnows is relatively more straightforward compared to other similar varieties.

Just like the adult minnows, minnow fry is not picky in what they eat. They eat a variety of food ranging from live feeds to micro-foods. They often fancy freshly hatched brine shrimp as part of their raw food.

However, it is essential to feed fry quality food that will support their growth and health. Likewise, it would be best if you avoided feeding the fry to avoid giving room for health complications. Finally, you should ensure that you feed fry with food that is small enough to easily fit into their mouth.


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