How Many White Cloud Minnows Can You Keep In A Tank?

Do you want to a keep a school of white cloud minnows together? How many will fit into your tank without causing overcrowding or stress? In this article, we’ll find out how many white cloud minnows you can keep in your tank.

How Many White Cloud Minnows Can You Keep In A Tank? A white cloud is about 1 1/2 inches long or up to 2 inches. 1 inch of fish per gallon of water is the general rule of thumb. Keep 5-6 white cloud minnows together in a 10 gallon tank. Make sure there is an extra 2 gallons of water for each additional white white cloud minnow. 

How Many White Cloud Minnows Should I Get?

Have you ever seen a smaller, lonely fish on its own in your tank? Chances are that this fish is stressed, bullied or sick. Your white cloud minnow as a loner will not survive very long. It will find a place to hide, stop eating, lose color and eventually die.

  • White cloud minnows love to be kept in groups of 6-8.

They will enjoy their strength in numbers during times of perceived threats. If you stick your hand in the tank, you may see them shoal tighter together instead of dashing separately and scattering individually into the far corners of your tank.

  • Make sure you have at least 2 gallons of space per white cloud minnow.

A 12 gallon tank would be best for 6, but we see great results for hardier white cloud minnows in a group of 8 in a 20 gallon tank.

How Big Do White Minnows Get?

A male white cloud minnow will surely be smaller than its female counterpart. Males are more slender and colorful. A female could be as long as 2 inches while males stay around 1 1/2 inches in length.

Regardless of their diminutive size, these active fish will enjoy swimming at the top or mid-level of your tank during the day and find a comfortable spot to rest at night as they follow a diurnal schedule.

Why Should I Keep 6-8 White Cloud Minnows Together?

The reason being for keeping white cloud minnows in a school of 6-8 is because they thrive together and hide excessively when they are alone. If you have an extra large tank, you can surpass this general recommendation of 6-8 white cloud minnows.

Many fish keepers with smaller tanks at 10-20 gallons prefer to stock these colorful and generally peaceful white cloud minnows because they are small, easy to keep and love to eat.

Once they establish a hierarchy, they will shoal together when feasting, playing or in times of perceived fear. Stock more females than males to prevent aggression and bullying.

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How Many White Cloud Minnows Are In A 15 Gallon Tank?

If you want to fill your 15 gallon tank up with only white cloud minnows, then you can consider getting as many as possible. A white cloud minnow is about 1.5 inches on average.

  • The general rule is: 1 inch of fish for every 1 gallon of water.

Following this rule to a tee means that you could potentially stock 10 white cloud minnows in a 15 gallon tank. Sometimes we shouldn’t obey general rules of thumb so strictly. Remember that white cloud minnows are active fish.

Round up to 2 inches because female white cloud minnows tend to be slightly larger. 7-8 of them in a 15 gallon tank would be better than 10 to reduce overcrowding, aggression, competition and stress.

How Many White Cloud Minnows Are In A 10 Gallon Tank?

A white cloud minnow is a great beginner fish for future aquarists. They are also great for anyone who has space issues and cannot get a larger tank. They breed easily and scatter their eggs. You may need to stay on top of that to prevent overcrowding.

Give each white cloud minnow 2 gallons of room to swim actively. This means that the correct number is 5 white cloud minnows for your 10 gallon tank. A sixth would be welcome if you have a peaceful school without a dominant aggressor. Stock more females than males if you can.

Can Goldfish And White Cloud Minnows Live Together?

Yes. Goldfish and white cloud minnows are excellent tankmates. They are both great beginner fish and can survive in smaller tanks. They come from the same Cyprinidae family and enjoy cooler water temperatures.

Set your heater at 64°F or decide to not use one if you can keep temperature within 64-72° F. Goldfish can be kept alone, but white cloud minnows would be hardier in a group of 5 or more.

What Are The Tank Sizes For White Cloud Minnows?

Let’s start at the minimum of 10 gallons. Any smaller would lead to a group smaller than 5 which is not ideal for these shoaling fish who are more comfortable together.

  • 10 gallons: 5 White Cloud Minnows
  • 12 gallons: 6 White Cloud Minnows
  • 15 gallons: 7-8 White Cloud Minnows
  • 20 gallons: 8-10 White Cloud Minnows
  • 30 gallons: 14-15 White Cloud Minnows
  • 40 gallons: 20 White Cloud Minnows
  • 55 gallons: 25-27 White Cloud Minnows


Since White Cloud Minnows are the fish you wish to keep in your tank, decide on the appropriate number that can fit in your tank. Give 2 gallons of room per White Cloud Minnow and keep at least 5 of them together.

Outnumber the males with more females to prevent aggression towards mating. We hope your White Cloud Minnows will thrive for 2-7 years in your tank with ideal water parameters and plenty of room to enjoy their lives while you watch, manage and enjoy.


Thank you for stopping by for this article on white cloud minnows.  We really enjoy taking care of them in our aquariums. If you like, you can check out more of our articles on the variety of marine life we research and keep. Bye for now!

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