Can You Keep White Cloud Mountain Minnow With Axolotl Fish? {Watch Out}

Keeping two or more compatible fish in the aquarium can be very beneficial. Can you keep white cloud mountain minnow with axolotl fish?

Cloud Minnows are hardy fish, so are Axolotl. They are both suitable for freshwater aquariums.

In this article, we’ll find out how well they get along or if this is a mismatch in your tank’s ecosystem.

Can You Keep White Cloud Mountain Minnow With Axolotl Fish?

Yes. You can comfortably keep a white cloud minnow together with the axolotl fish.

They are compatible because they have similar water and environmental demands. Likewise, they are not potentially harmful to each other.

White cloud mountain minnow thrive in chilly water, are tiny and lack protective spines. Be ready for the possibility that your axolotl will consume these little fish. Never feed minnows to your axolotl. Read further to see why.

Suitable Tank Mates For White Minnow Fish

Aside from Axolotl fish, there are other fish that you can comfortably keep with white minnow fish.

Other suitable species are:

  • Bettas
  • corydoras
  • Hillstream loach
  • Danios
  • small schooling Barbs.
  • guppies
  • mollies
  • swordtails
  • black skirt tetras
  • dwarf gourami
  • glowlight tetra
  • Danios

White minnow fish are peaceful species. They can live comfortably with a white range of fish species. Likewise, they are schooling fish that enjoy the company of other fish and adjust to various environmental conditions.

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Suitable Tank Mates For Axolotl

Axolotl can live with diverse freshwater fish as well. Aside from white minnows, they also show good prospects when they live with other species of fish. However, it would help if you had some special considerations while picking the fish to keep with Axolotl.

However, after due evaluation, there are still certain types of fish suitable with Axolotl in the same tank. These species include:

  • guppies
  • white minnows
  • small shrimps
  • zebra danio
  • orange-finned danio
  • golden barb
  • mini snails

Small cold-water snails that are suitable include apple snails and bladder snails. Overall, you should ensure that you properly feed your Axolotl to avoid the occasion of the fish preying on their tank mate.

Likewise, you should pay attention to the relationship between Axolotl and their tank mates. It would be best if you were sure that the tank is spacious enough to accommodate your proposed tank members.

Will Axolotl Eat Minnows?

Yes. Axolotl are quite capable of eating smaller sized fish they can fit into their mouths. If you care about keeping your axolotl well fed, they may not want to exert the energy needed to catch a minnow.

It is possible however and we have posted a video below proving it.

All in all, the white cloud mountain minnows are fully capable of escaping, swimming quickly away and hiding if you provide enough room and necessary decorations or plants for them to evade their larger neighbor.

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Best Feeder Fish For Axolotl

I would not recommend giving your axolotl feeder fish, They can live off shrimp and pellets. any fish harbor parasites that could hurt your axolotl.

Guppies are the only tiny fish that can be assured to be healthy and to not harbor any parasites or illnesses.

Ghost shrimp are also not very harmful in terms of spreading illness, and because of the softness of their shells, axolotls may consume them.

Why Can’t Minnows Be Fed To Axolotls?

Even as a treat, you shouldn’t feed minnows to your axolotl for reasons that go beyond simple health and safety concerns.

Axolotls do not do well on minnows as a food source. Some species also contain thiaminase, a thiamine-blocker that prevents vitamin B1 from being absorbed in your axolotl’s body.

The metabolism of glucose (energy) from food, as well as heart, nerve, and muscle function, are all aided by vitamin B1.

If you give minnows to your axolotl too regularly or as a main source of food, this can quickly lead to a thiamine shortage, necessitating thiamine supplements and making feeding more difficult.

Factors To Consider Before Keeping Different Species of Fish Together

You should evaluate some aspects if you intend to keep two or more species of fish together in the same tank. These factors are crucial to their survival as well as the result of their cohabitation.

1. Tank Size

The size of a tank is an essential consideration if you intend to keep the fish together. You should provide an aquarium that can comfortably take up the entire population you want to house together. You should also avoid overcrowding the tank with multiple species.

2. Fish Compatibility

Before keeping fish together, you must be sure to evaluate their compatibility. It is crucial to only keep fish that can cohabit peacefully. Likewise, they should also have similar nutritional, environmental, and water requirements.

3. The Health of The Fish

It is essential to validate the health status of all the fish you intend to keep together in the tank. It would be best if you only kept healthy fish together. Quarantining the fish before introducing it to the main tank can prevent you from keeping sick fish with healthy ones.

4. Mode of Feeding

To avoid starving some set of fish while others feed correctly, ensure that all your tank members have a similar pattern of feeding. It might not be appropriate to keep fast eaters with low competitors. They should also prefer a similar type of food.

5. Fish Size

Also importantly, you should only keep fish of similar size in the same tank. Keeping larger fishes with smaller ones can leave a probability of the larger fishes preying on the smaller ones. Better still, the larger fish can out-compete the smaller ones for essential demands like food and space.


White minnows are colorful and attractive species. If you ensure proper care, they can add color and life to your aquarium. They can even give you a better overview if you keep them together with compatible species.

Axolotl, on the other hand, is an excellent aquarium fish. Even though they are not as colorful as white minnows, they still share other things in common. They have the same nutritional, environmental, and tank requirements.

You can gainfully keep white minnows and Axolotl together in the same tank. However, ensure that you have all factors in place to keep the two fish safe. Likewise, it would help if you adjusted the tank conditions such that it will be suitable for both members.


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