How To Make Saltwater For Hermit Crab {Best Method Here}

Are you thinking to keep your hermit crab in saltwater and are wondering how to make saltwater for hermit crabs?

Is it safe to make saltwater for them?  Is there a special way to make it?  Is it safe for them to live in?

I will cover all these questions and more in this article.

How To Make Saltwater For Hermit Crab

To create salt water for your hermit crab, start by setting up the tank with enough supplies and suitable parameters. Get your aquarium salt ready and mix it appropriately according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The typical measurement is 5 cups of sea salt per gallon of water.

Hermit crabs are divided into two types; there is the terrestrial type of hermit crab and the aquatic type of hermit crabs.

The earthly variety of hermit crabs spend most of their lives on land, although they require access to either salt or freshwater in order to dampen their gills frequently.

How To Make Saltwater For Hermit Crab

Do Hermit Crabs Live In Water?

While the aquatic type of hermit crab lives underwater. They spend all their lives underwater. Only a species of hermit crab lives in freshwater. Other types of hermit crab live in saltwater.

So, if you are introducing a hermit crab into an aquarium, there is a high tendency that it is a saltwater type of hermit crab.

For the hermit crab to thrive in your aquarium

  • the water in the aquarium must be a salty one.
  • There must be a considerable amount of calcium in the water.
  • You should not allow chlorine and chloramines inside the tank.

What Do Hermit Crabs Need?

Making saltwater for hermit crab is as simple as it seems. The only complication is the amount of salt in the water. The concentration of the salt in the tank must be kept in check.

Too much salt concentration in the tank can lead to an adverse effect on the health of the hermit crab, as well as when the salt concentration is low.

Hermit crab does not need many conditions to live. All they need is:

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How to Mix Saltwater for Hermit Crabs

In order to create a suitable environment for your hermit crab, you will be making use of specific equipment. Below are the equipment and resources you will be using:

  • Ocean salt
  • Gallons of water
  • Aquarium tap water condition
  • And a clean plastic bucket

Homemade Saltwater for Hermit Crabs

When you have gotten every one of this equipment, then you can proceed to follow the steps in making a comfortable home for your hermit crab.

  1. The first step to take is ensuring that every equipment put to use is clean and devoid of residue either from previous use or from dirt.
  2. Pour the water into the bucket (a gallon).
  3. After pouring the water into the bucket, add the aquarium tap water conditioner and stir it well. The aquarium tap water conditioner treats the water and makes it habitable for the hermit crab. Make sure you stir the sea and the conditioner well for even distribution into the water.
  4. The next step to take is to add a half cup of the ocean salt into the water and stir it well. You have to stir to prevent lumps or a big piece of the salt in the water. Stir until you evenly distribute the salt in the solution.
  5. At first, the water will be cloudy. Still, you keep stirring until the salt dissolves into the water completely. After mixing, you should allow the water and the salt to settle.
  6. Leave the water for 1 to 2 hours for it to reach room temperature. This process enables the salt to dissolve very well.
  7. After you are through with everything, you can now pour the water into the tank and continue the setup of your tank.

After you are through with all of this, then you can introduce your hermit crab into the tank alongside other aquatic animals that can live under the same condition as the hermit crab.

How Does The Hermit Crab Help The Tank?

The hermit might seem useless in the fish tank. Looking at it from afar, it seems it just stays in there and feeds, that’s all.

  • One of the roles it performs is good food and beautification.

Hermit crab comes in different forms and colors. Having these crabs in the tank makes the tank look more beautiful.

The appearance of the hermit crab in the shell, in conjunction with the decorations and other fishes, makes the fish tank a sight to see.

  • Another role performed by the hermit crab is cleanliness.

The hermit crab feeds on the debris and leftovers of the fishes and other organisms in the tank. They also help clean the products and sometimes the by-products of other members of the container.

The hermit crab does a great job of maintaining the cleanliness of the tank. It also does a great job of adding to the beauty of the container.


Hermit crabs are lovely creatures. And in order to get the best out of them, we have to give what it takes. Hermit crabs are mostly saltwater creatures, except the terrestrial type of hermit crab.

Hermit crabs do not need many conditions to thrive other than good food, a clean environment, and good water.

Good water in this context means having the actual salt concentration in the water. A clean environment and good food can also be maintained.

Following all these procedures and steps, then you and your pet are sure to live a happy life.


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