Do Fish Have Toes? {Crazy But True}

Fish don’t have legs or limbs, but do fish have toes? Are you sure you know the answer?

What if I told you there is more to fish than we can see?

In this article, we will find out if fish have toes.

Do Fish Have Toes?

  1. All fish have limbs, fingers and toes in their DNA.
  2. When you look at their skeletal system, you will see what appears to be fingers and toes.
  3. You will not see any toes externally on fish.

do fish have toes

Do Fish Have Feet?

Fish do not have feet. Feet are common to land animals but are quite unlikely in aquatic animals. Checking from the definition of feet, we would say fish do not have feet.

But on the other hand, we could say fins are modified feet. Indirectly, fish have feet, but they appear as fins due to their habitat.

Can Fish Walk?

Research has it that about eleven species of fish can walk on land. An example of fish that can walk on land is the cave angelfish, a species of loach. The mudskipper is also another fish with walking abilities.

Fish possess fins that help them swim in the water and will mostly not have anything to do with the land. They do not possess feet or limbs that can help them walk on land. But there are some species of fish that can walk on land.

Some of these fish use their pectoral fins to move on land, while others have adapted pelvic girdles for advanced movement. These fish also have adaptive features that allow them to live on land while they go about their walking adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are There Any Fish With Hands and Feet?

No. You may have seen the neotenic salamander and heard it referred to as the Mexican walking fish. This is not a fish at all. You can see the arms and legs of this creature known as the axolotl which is actually an amphibian. There are no fish with hands and feet.

2. Do Fish Have Legs?

No. If you wish to get creative or imaginative, then consider their tail fin as a substitute for their legs. Just like we use our legs to change direction in our movements, so do fish with their tail fin. The front fins are like arms. Caudal fin acts like a hip and leg structure.

3. Do Fish Have Webbed Feet?

No. Fish do not have webbed feet like birds or beavers and opossums.

4. Do Fish Have Nails?

No. They do do not have nails because fish do have fingers or claws. Fish have teeth that are sharp like fingernails scratching against surfaces.


Fish do not have toes; they have feet, but they have fins that help them move through the water.

Fish have a lot of structural and skeletal features that keep them adapted and fit for their habitat.

Only a few can do well outside the aquatic habitat.


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