Can You Keep Pygmy Cory with Guppies

Pygmy Cory and Guppies are both hardy aquarium fish that most aquarists will love to have in their tank. They are not picky eaters, and they both add color and life to the fish tank.

Pygmy Cory and Guppies will make excellent tank mates basically because of their peaceful nature. They both have small bodies, which mitigate the possibility of one bullying the other. They both have similar water, tank, and nutritional requirements.

Pygmy Cory with Guppies

Pygmy Cory and Guppies can even exhibit a level of mutualism at some points in their relationship.

Pygmy Cory and Guppies Behavior

Both Pygmy Cory and Guppies are popular among aquarists because of their peaceful nature. However, the major difference between the two species is that Pygmy Cory loves to keep to themselves, Guppies are schooling fish.

Guppies are active swimmers, while Pygmy Cory spends most of their time hiding at the bottom of the tank. Guppies are active jumpers, and they can jump up to 8 to 15 inches.

Pygmy Cory and Guppies can live alone in the same tank. They can also live together with other species in community tanks without harassing other members of the tank.

However, several reports show that Pygmy Cory and Guppies can chase themselves around in the tank at some point. There is nothing to panic about when you see this in your fish tank.

This scenario is normal mating behavior. You will only find it happening in tanks where you keep males and females in the same tank. It will become more obvious if the male outnumbers the females.

Guppies particularly do this to show dominance, and if it persists, it can make some of the members get stressed out.

However, you can mitigate this scenario by adding live plants and other decorations to their tank. This addition will provide them enough space to hide and rest.

Feeding Guppies and Pygmy Cory

The major reason you can successfully keep Guppies and Pygmy Cory together is that they are not picky. They require a similar tank and environmental conditions. They also have similar nutritional requirements.

Pygmy Cory and Guppies are both omnivorous and are not picky with foods. Both species love to feed on live foods such as tiny insects, brine shrimp, and mosquitoes’ larvae.

You can also feed them with veggies like algae, plankton, and spirulina. You can also prepare egg yolks and other foods that are rich in protein.

It is possible and easy to overfeed guppies because they are always hungry. You can feed them twice a day with food that can fit into their mouth. It is better to feed them with the quantity they can consume in 1 minute.

Feeding Pygmy Cory once a day is enough to supply them with all the required nutrients for growth. They don’t feed as much as Guppies.


Pygmy Cory and Guppies are both hardy and peaceful. They can live together in the same aquarium due to the peaceful behavior of both fishes.

Likewise, they both have small bodies; thus, mitigating the possibility of one bullying the other. Feeding them is not difficult because they have similar tank requirements, and they are not picky eaters.