Are Pygmy Corydoras Hardy Fish

Pygmy Corydoras are a peaceful species of fish that are compatible with small but healthy tanks. They are one of the smallest species you can find, but they are adorable.

Pygmy Corydoras are relatively hardy. They can survive in environments that are not too extreme and live comfortably with other peaceful fish. However, they are not as hardy as most other members of the Cory family.

Pygmy Corydoras Hardy Fish

There are several things you should keep in mind while adding Pygmy Corydoras to your fish tank. The first is that this species is inoffensive and might have a hard time coping with aggressive tank mates.

Typical Behavior of Pygmy Corydoras

Pygmy Corydoras are one of the most peaceful aquarium fish to add to the tank. This peaceful nature is one of the reasons why it is often recommended for beginners.

They keep to themselves and rarely interfere with the activities of other members of the tank. You can easily add them to community tanks as long as other members are not aggressive or bullies.

Pygmy Corydoras spend most of their time at the base of the tank. But when it is time to swim, they will swim in shoals at the surface of the tank.

They can use their intestine as an alternative method to trap oxygen. However, this method is a less efficient way to trap oxygen for them. So, when you find Pygmy Corydoras using this mechanism, it means the water quality is poor.

Suitable Tank Conditions for Pygmy Corydoras

Pygmy Corydoras are fairly hardy. They can cope with fish tanks as long as the conditions are not extreme. But it would help if you didn’t think that they are as hardy as most other Cory family members.

This aquarium species prefers a water temperature between 72-79°F. Therefore, you might consider adding a heater to the tank to keep the temperature at this level.

Pygmy Corydoras prefers a near-neutral PH within the range of 6-8. You might need to add an efficient filter and customary aquarium lightning to optimize their tank.

The members of this species are bottom-dwelling; therefore they love to have live plants and decorations in their tank. If you ensure that the tank of Pygmy Corydoras is suitable for them, they will stay healthy, active, and interesting to watch.

General Appearance of Pygmy Corydoras

Pygmy Corydoras are very small; hence, their name. They can only grow up to 2/3 to 1 inch. The females are often longer and broader than the males, particularly when they are carrying eggs.

They are not very colorful but still cute to behold. Pygmy Corydoras have silver bodies with a solid black line running horizontally to their tail fin. Another line also runs long in their lower body.

Pygmy Corydoras fry has vertical stripes on the sides of their body. However, these stripes gradually disappear to form horizontal stripes after a month.


Pygmy Corydoras are one of the smallest and most peaceful fish species for aquariums. They are fairly hardy and will cope easily with other peaceful fish in community tanks. They will also live healthy and active as long as their water and environmental conditions are not extreme.