Are Albino Cory Catfish Blind? {How To Tell}

Do you have a albino cory catfish swimming around your tank like crazy? Are albino cory catfish blind?

Are you worried they could injure themselves?

In this article I will try to explain, are albino cory catfish blind?

Are Albino Cory Catfish Blind?

No, Albino catfish are not blind. They are very active scavengers and tend to swim in random directions when trying to locate food.

They are known for constantly bumping in to things and swimming like crazy at times.

You might think they are blind because they don’t seem to react to things around them like fish or obstacles.

Are Albino Cory Catfish Blind

Can Albino Corydoras See?

Yes they can, but they can not see very well due to a small pigment in the eye which most albino animals suffer from.

Most people think they can not see because there eyes are red in colour which makes them look like they are blind which they are not.

Because of their poor eye sight they tend to rely on there smelling senses more (Like a dog or cat) which they use to locate food.

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How To Check If Albino Cory Catfish Is Blind

If you think that your catfish is blind there are a few things that you can check which include:

  • checking around the eyes
  • shine a light at them. 

1. Check Around The Eyes

Check their eyes for signs of swelling or injuries.  It is possible that they have a disease or an injury is causing them a loss of eye sight.

Because they frantically swim around the tank it is possible they have bumped in to something which caused the injury.

2. Shine A Light At Them

You can try to shine a light at them with a torch.  Don’t point it directly at them at first, shine it near and around them and see if they react to it.

If they do not react to it you can try to shine it on them for a second or two to see if they respond.

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