Are Snails Sensitive To Nitrates? {How Can I Reduce Nitrate Levels?}

Are you worried about high nitrate levels poisoning your snails? Will nitrate spikes kill your snails? In this article, we’ll find out if snails are sensitive to nitrates.

Are Snails Sensitive To Nitrates? Yes. Snails are sensitive to sudden spikes of nitrates just like your fish and other invertebrates.

Make sure the filter’s media can absorb nitrates. There are specific sponges that do so. Live plants will increase oxygenation and reduce nitrate levels. The more you feed your marine life, the more waste they will produce. Overstocking your tank will also do the same thing.


High nitrates will kill your snails. Keep nitrates between 20-30 ppm if you can. Ammonia and nitrite readings should also remain under 1 ppm.

Your tank might be overstocked or your marine life could be producing too much waste which is spiking your nitrates. Perform water changes at smaller amounts more often. Your snails will continue to do their work when nitrate levels are restored to optimal conditions.


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