Can Arowana Live In a Pond? {Will They Survive?}

Arowana is a widespread species of fish that is most popular for its jumping and swimming power. Can Arowana live in a pond?

The fish spends most of its active time hunting for prey towards the water surface. They are selective when it comes to habitat,

In this article, we will find out if or can Arowana live in a pond.

Can Arowana Live In a Pond?

Arowanas can live in a pond because it replicates their natural environment.

Likewise, Arowana has a better ability to cope with water changes than many other fish species in the tank.

Can Arowana Live In a Pond

Like every other fish, Arowanas need a suitable environment to thrive and live to the fullest. Therefore, it is best to ensure that all parameters are in their favor to get the best out of them.

There are different types of Arowana including:

  • Silver Arowana
  • Black Arowana
  • Australian Arowana
  • Green Arowana
  • Saratoga Arowana
  • Golden Arowana,
  • Red tail golden Arowana

Can Arowana Survive in Coldwater?

Arowana is a tropical fish and might have a hard time coping in cold water. In fact, frigid water can kill your fish.

This fish species usually prefer a temperature range between:

  •  24-30 degrees Celsius (75-86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Any temperature way above this range might put the life of your Arowana fish at risk.

Consequently, it is best to treat Arowana like other tropical fish. Keep their environmental temperature stable within a suitable range and ensure all other parameters are in check.

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How Do I Keep My Arowana Healthy In Pond?

If you want to keep your Arowana healthy in a pond, you must ensure that the water parameters are appropriate. Keep parameters like the temperature, pH, water current, and water hardness in check.

Arowana is susceptible to low water quality; hence, you should ensure appropriate water quality. Likewise, it would be better to feed them appropriately with:

  • live foods
  • frozen foods
  • pellets

Can Koi and Arowana Live Together?

Koi can live with Arowana, but it requires extreme care to keep them together. It is best to ensure that the Koi and Arowana you are keeping together are almost the same sizes, or the Koi should be bigger than the Arowana.

Arowana is an aggressive fish species and will prey on vulnerable tank members. Therefore, if your Arowana is larger than the Koi, it will attack it.

However, this solution is not permanent because the threat will increase as the Arowana grows bigger. Consequently, keeping Arowana and Koi together will only work out temporarily. It will become a problem as Arowana grows bigger than the Koi.

What Fish Can Live With Arowana In a Pond?

Arowana is an aggressive fish; hence, they are selective when it comes to the choice of suitable pond mates. Some fish that can live in the same pond with Arowana include:

  • Large catfish
  • Parrotfish
  • Jaguar Cichlid
  • Pacu (if the pond is large enough)
  • Bichir Green
  • Silver Dollar Fish
  • Large Plecos
  • Terror Cichlid
  • However, it is essential to ensure the compatibility of the fish you are keeping together with your Arowana.


Arowana is a beautiful tropical fish that can cope in a varying environment. This fish species can live in a pond as long as the conditions and parameters are right with them. Proper ponds can simulate the natural environment of Arowana.


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