Arowana Stress Symptoms

Arowana fish are a fantastic addition to add to your aquarium; they are majestic and perfect for exotic fish lovers. In Asia, they are often regarded as lucky, bringing wealth and prosperity when looked after well, but unfortunately, all fish can get stressed from a variety of different scenarios.

So it might benefit yourself to ensure your arowana fish are always happy. We’re here to help determine stress signs, as well as how you can help them to recover.

Below is a video showing an Arowana fish stressed

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Signs Of Stress In Arowana Fish

To ensure that you keep your Arowana fish happy and healthy, it is wise to familiarize yourself with signs of stress in fish.

Below we have listed a variety of different symptoms which likely will show when your Arowana fish is stressed.

  • Swimming Rapidly : When Arowana fish are stressed, you might notice that their swimming becomes increased and frantic. By them doing this it increases the possibility of injuring themselves, as most often they hit the aquarium glass and decorations.
  • Not Eating : Often or not, when your Arowana fish is stressed, they will avoid eating.
  • Staying At The Bottom Of The Tank : Have they been hanging out at the bottom of the tank more than they usually do
  • Gasping At The Surface : This can be caused because of poor water conditions, but it can be fatal for Arowana fish because they need oxygen to survive.

Stress In Arowana Fish

How Do You Destress an Arowana Fish?

You want your fish to be in a stable and healthy environment. This means if your Arowana fish is stressed, you need to help them to become destressed, and you can do this by identifying the source of stress. There are certain things you can do to help your Arowana fish to feel destressed and much happier.

  • Try Different Food : Stress can sometimes be caused by the most straightforward reasons, such as disliking their food. Try changing the food they eat and see if it helps them to reduce stress.
  • Purchase A Larger Tank : If you have plenty of fish, the issue could be that your Arowana fish is stressed because they don’t have any personal space. You could help to destress them by purchasing a larger tank which gives them the ability to have their own space and not feel cramped.
  • Keep Compatible Fish : Some fish do not work with other types of fish, and this could be the reason as to why your Arowana fish is stressed as it might be picked on. Unfortunately, if this is the reason it might be expensive having to buy a new tank and equipment. Alternatively you could rehome your fish, but this is probably something you would like to avoid.
  • Add Hiding Spots : Sometimes fish find comfort in having spots where they can hide. If your aquarium is lacking this, it could be a great addition which might help to destress your Arowana.
  • Do Regular Water Changes : Regularly changing the water will help the water to stay fresh and keep the water oxygenated. Dirty water can be harmful to fish, and this can ultimately cause stress.

Can a Stressed Arowana Recover?

An Arowana fish will likely be able to recover from mild stress as long as the problem is sorted quickly and efficiently. If the cause of the stress isn’t swiftly sorted, this is where you might have the problem of your Arowana fish not recovering, and it could potentially be terminal for them.

Unfortunately, the majority of the time stress can be caused because of a larger issue. It might be wise to take your fish to the marine vet if they are displaying symptoms. They will be able to check your Arowana fish over if it is something more serious they will be able to assist and advise.