Why Is My Arowana Fish Not Swimming Straight?

Have you noticed recently that your Arowana is having isuues swimming? Are you wondering why my arowana fish is not swimming strait?

There could be a couple of reasons why your Arowana fish is not swimming straight. Your Arowana fish could potentially be stressed, but the most common reason for Arowana fish swimming slanted is because they have swim bladder disease.

Arowana Fish Not Swimming Straight

Why Is My Arowana Fish Swimming Slanted?

They swim slanted because their stomach is bloated and it changes the Arowana fish’s buoyancy, hence why they aren’t swimming how they typically would.

Signs Your Arowana Has Swim Bladder Disease

There are a couple of different signs which suggest that your Arowana fish potentially might have swim bladder disease. If you notice any of these signs, you should take action immediately.

  • Abnormal Swimming : The most common sign of swim bladder disease is abnormal swimming. They exhibit this by swimming nose faced down, tail faced upwards, swimming upside down, floating, sinking, and generally not being able to maintain a normal position. It’s not common for fish to do this, so you must take action as soon as you notice.
  • Not Eating : Sometimes when a fish has swim bladder disease, they will continue to eat as expected, but some fish will stop eating altogether.
  • Distended Belly : If you notice that your fishes belly is swollen, this could be a sign that your fish might have swim bladder disease as it can increase the pressure inside their stomach.
  • Curved Back : Another symptom of swim bladder disease is a curved back. This, however, could mean something else, it’s best to have your Arowana fish checked over by a marine vet.
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Although we can give you signs that you fish has swim bladder disease, these symptoms could potentially mean something completely different. We would always recommend that if you notice your fish is unwell, taking them to the marine vet would be wise as they will be able to analysis the issue and give you a solution.

How Do You Treat Arowana Swim Bladder Disease?

Thankfully, swim bladder disease can be treated, and we’re here to tell you some of the different ways that you can help.

  • Reduce The Water Level : It is essential to make sure that your Arowana fish does not feel stressed whilst they are going through their treatment. To ensure this, make sure to reduce the water level, but leave enough water so that the Arowana fish can remain afloat.
  • Separate From Other Fish : If you keep your Arowana in a tank with other fish, it would be best if you separate your unwell Arowana into another tank where you can treat them separately, this might also help to destress them.
  • Reduce Feeding : Whilst your Arowana fish is being treated, we would recommend not feeding at all for the first three days. Then feeding should be minimized; this means cutting the amount of food that you would usually provide them. Start small, and once your Arowana fish is getting better, you can start to increase the amount you feed it slowly.
  • Change The Water Conditions : You’ll need to change the water conditions whilst treating your Arowana fish, and this is why we suggest that it is best being separated from the other fish. The water temperature during treatment needs to be between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Add Aquarium Salt : Add aquarium salt to your Arowana’s tank. The chosen type of salt that you purchase will display the correct dosage for you to use.