Can White Cloud Mountain Minnow Live With Goldfish?

Are you looking to add white cloud mountain minnows to your goldfish tank and are wondering can white cloud mountain minnow live with goldfish.

Will they get on?  Will they fight or try to eat each other?

Find out below every thing you need to know.

Can White Cloud Mountain Minnow Live With Goldfish?

Yes! White cloud mountain minnows are cold-water fish, likewise goldfish. They both need the same environmental conditions to thrive.

Goldfish will grow bigger than minnows, so the goldfish might eventually feed on the minnows, but minnows are fast swimmers, so they outrun goldfish.

Can White Cloud Mountain Minnow Live With Goldfish?

What Are The White Cloud Mountain Minnows?

White cloud mountain minnow fish are peaceful fish. They are schooling fishes, and they do prefer to be in groups. Also, they are very colorful and will beautify your tank.

They tend to show off their beautiful colors in the tank, and they are not a shy type of fish. The more the number of fishes in the school, the less timid they become.

They are small fishes that grow to a maximum length of 1.5 inches. They have dart shapes, and they possess a pointed snout. Their ventral and dorsal fin are close to being triangular. The fins face backward.

They are also known as canton minnows, and they can also be called cardinal fishes. They usually live half a decade or more; around 5 to 7 years. They are easy to get as you can get them at any aquarium or pet store.

This species of fish are peaceful fishes, but just like every other fish, they tend to be more aggressive during mating season. They also get aggressive over territories.

They are so meek and kind that they do not hurt each other in the duel of getting a mating partner.

White cloud minnows are from the temperate region, and they need to keep their water temperature around 64°F to 72°F.

Like every other fish, they can also do well with other aquatic creatures in their tank but won’t do well with bigger fishes that prey on them.

This reason is why white cloud mountain minnows might not be the right partner for goldfishes.

Goldfish grow into big sizes, and once there is a fish smaller than a goldfish, the fish might end up becoming lunch only if the fish can outrun the goldfishes, which might not always be a lucky day for the minnows.

How To Keep White Cloud Mountain Minnows And Goldfish Together

Goldfish and white cloud minnows will thrive together for a very long time until the goldfish start becoming more significant than the white cloud minnows.

When they are both little, they are very compatible, but when the fish start increasing, they start the dog and cat chase.

It is rare for a goldfish to catch up with a white cloud minnow in a chase, but when ambushed, the white cloud minnow might stand little chance of escaping. So, the absolute way to keep them from eating each other is to get a separate tank for them.

You can also keep the fishes together when they are little. When they start growing bigger (the goldfishes growing more significant than the white cloud minnows), you should separate them.

You should keep the goldfish away from the tank for the minnows.

You can also make use of the same tank, but you will have to demarcate the goldfish’s territory from the white cloud minnows. This action will prevent the goldfish from getting to the white cloud minnows.

You can keep them in the same tank but create extra protection for the minnows. Also, you can create a solid cave-like structure that can accommodate a couple of white cloud minnows but won’t allow the passage of a goldfish.

You can make use of plant decor to provide little protection.

Goldfish attacks white cloud minnows to eat them. So, if you regularly feed them, the goldfish might not have a reason to attack the minnows.

It would be best if you feed your fishes daily to avoid the attack. This method is also a way but not a perfect way to go about it.

Goldfishes are known to harass smaller fishes, so you have to be careful not to lose your minnows to the goldfishes.

Do Goldfish And White Cloud Mountain Minnow Eat The Same Food?

Goldfish and white cloud minnows require the same environmental conditions to thrive. They are both cold-water fish so that they might feed on the same food. Let’s take a look at what both fishes eat.

Goldfish feed on pellets, flakes, gels, and other types of foods. Goldfish can also feed on peas, likewise boiled vegetables, and they feed on a variety of foods like brine shrimps and bloodworms. They delight in feeding on these foods.

You can also feed your goldfish with live foods to replace the dried processed ones. There is only a slight risk of disease contraction in this regard. However, dried and processed food are not as beneficial as live foods.

White cloud mountain minnows have a great appetite, so they eat as much as they can. White cloud minnows feed on anything they can. They feed on all types of food, and they feed on frozen, dried, processed, and flake foods.

They feed on insects, shrimps, mosquito and mosquito larvae, daphnia, etc. As much as they feed on processed food, they also feed on live foods. Live food is more nutritious; you wouldn’t expect a voracious eater not to like live foods.

Goldfish and white cloud minnows have specific things they eat in common; live foods, shrimps, flakes, etc. Goldfish and white cloud minnow both feed on some food. Sometimes, white cloud minnows become picky and decide not to feed on flakes.


White cloud mountain minnow can live with goldfish because they are both cold water fishes. They have certain things they share in common and both feed on some foods. They are compatible in this regard.

When it comes to preying, goldfish prey on fish the same size as white cloud minnows, making them unsafe to live with goldfish, there are exceptions in these cases but risking your white cloud minnows isn’t advisable.



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