Can Goldfish Live with Cherry Shrimp

Are you looking for a compatible tank mate for your goldfish? Do you mind looking into the shrimp species for a suitable tank mate? Will cherry shrimp be a good choice? Let’s talk about cherry shrimp and its compatibility with goldfish in the same tank.

Shrimps are one of the best choices of tank mates for goldfish. Cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, etc., are some of the most common shrimps that will do well in the same tank as goldfish. Adding shrimps to the same tank as goldfish will require you to take some steps and procedures.

Will Goldfish Eat Cherry Shrimp?

Shrimps are suitable tankmates of goldfish as they will serve as a companion and serve as a source of food. Goldfish will eat cherry shrimps, but it will not affect their population because cherry shrimps reproduce in large numbers. Cherry shrimps are highly nutritious and provide benefits to goldfish.

The benefits of cherry shrimps to goldfish include;

  • Companionship: The least your goldfish wants is to get bored all the time. Cherry shrimps will make good tankmates for your goldfish and keep them from being bored. With cherry shrimps in the tank, goldfish will have aquatic friends to have fun with.
  • Food: Another benefit of cherry shrimp is to serve as a source of food for your goldfish. Most aquarists keep cherry shrimps to serve as a source of food for your goldfish. They are highly nutritional and provide several health benefits to the fish.
  • Tank cleanliness: Cherry shrimps also do a great job in keeping the tank clean. Cherry shrimps feed on algae, and algae can be one of the causes of a dirty tank. If you have cherry shrimps in your tank, you should not worry about having a dirty tank.

Cherry shrimps will make good tankmates for your goldfish due to their health and general benefits. Also, cherry shrimps do not have any significant negative effect that they pose to goldfish. In case your goldfish craves the taste of live foods, the cherry shrimps will be a good option.

Water Conditions Goldfish Require

It is essential to maintain adequate water conditions for your goldfish. Without the right water conditions, your goldfish might find it difficult to thrive or even develop health issues. Here are the water conditions or requirements you have to provide for your goldfish.

  • Temperature: The temperature is a vital factor to consider when providing adequate water conditions for your goldfish. Goldfish are hardy fish and will tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding this temperature range can affect your fish despite its hardy qualities.
  • Hardness: The water’s hardness is also an essential factor to consider to provide adequate water temperature for your goldfish. Goldfish prefer to stay in soft waters making hard water uncomfortable for them. You have to make sure the water in the tank is soft for your goldfish to thrive.
  • pH: The water’s pH is also an important factor to consider when providing adequate water conditions for your goldfish. Goldfish prefer to stay in slightly alkaline waters for them to thrive. The pH value of the water should not exceed 7.0 and 7.4.

Keeping water conditions for your goldfish is highly essential as the deviation from the right requirements can affect them. You do not need to add a heater to the tank as goldfish like to stay in cold waters. If you can provide your goldfish with adequate water requirements, your fish will be healthy and okay.

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Water Conditions Cherry Shrimp Require

You have to provide the right water conditions for your cherry shrimps to thrive. You have to take note of some requirements to ensure the best condition for your shrimps. Here are some of the factors to consider for adequate water conditions;

  • Temperature: You have to consider the temperature of the water for your shrimps. The water temperature should range from 57 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding the temperature range for your cherry shrimps can cause health issues for them.
  • pH: The water’s pH is also an essential factor to consider when providing adequate water requirements. Cherry shrimps can thrive in waters from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline waters. The pH value of the water should range from 6.5 to 8.0.

The water conditions for cherry shrimps are almost the same as those of goldfish. They have a wider range of water tolerance, making them able to thrive in the same water as goldfish. Cherry shrimps are also easy to take care of, so; they won’t pose much stress to you and your goldfish.

Do Cherry Shrimp Eat Other Fish?

Cherry shrimps are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of food that includes fish. Like most other shrimps, cherry shrimps will eat some small fish when they come across them. They will also eat algae present in the tank or pond.

Cherry shrimps will also find dead and living plants in the tank as food. Living and decaying worms will also serve as a source of food for your cherry shrimps. Snails and other dead shrimps also find themselves on the list of food for cherry shrimps.

Do Cherry Shrimp Eat Fish Poop?

Cherry shrimps have a wide range of food they eat. Fish poop gets to fall on the list of food they eat. They will also feed on goldfish food not eaten by the fish.

Cherry shrimps will do a pretty good job in keeping the tank clean. They will help keep the tank clean by eating algae, leftover food, fish waste, etc. They will also sift through the substrate to keep the tank clean always.

Do Cherry Shrimp Need a Heater?

Cherry shrimps do not need a heater for their tank because of their temperature requirement. If you need to keep their water temperature high, using a heater can be what you need. On a hot and cold day, cherry shrimp might not need or might need a heater.


Goldfish will live with cherry shrimps in the same tank, but you will have to note some factors. Cherry shrimps and goldfish have similar tank and water requirements to keep them alive. They both will make compatible tank mates.