Can Balloon Mollies Breed with Regular Mollies?

Have you ever seen a Balloon Molly breed with other regular mollies? Have you ever noticed a crossbreed between mollies?

Is it something you need to be worried about?

Below, I will be disclosing if balloon mollies can breed with regular mollies or not.

Can Balloon Mollies Breed with Regular Mollies? Balloon mollies can breed with most of the regular mollies. Different varieties of molly fish can be mated irrespective of their color or fin conformation, so the male mollies can easily fertilize the female mollies when they are kept together in the same tank.

Balloon Mollies Breed with Regular Mollies

Are Balloon Mollies Easy to Breed?

Balloon mollies are easy to breed, and most times, it is difficult to control their population. A male and female balloon molly reproduces within a short period of time, 20 to 50 live babies at a time.

Whenever they are kept together in the same tank. It is one of the best fish that breeds and mate, often even in captivity.

Balloon mollies are known to be livebearers, and they give birth during their lifetime. Their eggs develop within their body as they unleash their fury.

Their gestation period is always about two months. The babies of a balloon molly are about 3 to 5 mm in size, but they grow and swim well when they are adequately fed after birth.

There are ideal breeding tank conditions to be met for a balloon molly to survive after birth. They require a clean tank with clean water that must be changed regularly.

Can You Breed Different Colored Mollies?

Different colored mollies can be bred. A white molly can breed with a golden molly, or a black molly, or even a brown molly.

This is because mollies are the same species, so they can breed irrespective of their color variations.

Balloon mollies are very fertile, and the offspring of these mollies are usually a mix of the two types of mollies. Also, these offspring can reproduce too! That is, they are not sterile, unlike the offspring of other fish species that crossbreed.

Ideal Balloon Molly Breeding Conditions

A balloon molly is known to be peaceful, so you can nurture them successfully without complications. All you need to do is to meet their breeding tank conditions. Although their males are a bit aggressive than their females.

Typically to breed a molly in captivity, a 20-gallon tank or larger is required because they need sufficient space to facilitate mating. A balloon Molly usually requires a 25-gallon aquarium for a 5cm fish.

A 3 female to 1 male ratio is advised for ease of breeding. The temperature of the tank should be about 80 °F, or even slightly higher. Fill the tank with decorations, substrates, and fresh plants to create an environment similar to their natural habitat.

After impregnation, it is advisable to separate the female molly fish from the male into a completely different tank called a breeding tank. This is best done after one week of impregnation in other to reduce the risk of miscarriage. Also, it is best because it prevents adult mollies from eating their fry.

Are Balloon Mollies Bad?

Balloon mollies are known to be a result of a genetic defect, and this leads to the irregular growth of their spine. Hence, they have a shorter life span because they tend to have more health problems due to their defect.

Despite this defect, Balloon mollies are peaceful, lively, fascinating, and easy to care for. They can easily survive with other fishes when placed in the same tank. There are certain tank conditions to be met for them to grow and survive effectively.

Typically, balloon mollies will grow to about two to five inches in length. They are called balloon mollies because their bellies are usually protruded and round. Also, their backs are usually arched.

The physical features of a balloon Molly include short fins and tails with their dorsal fin extending right along the fish’s back.

The balloon Molly fish face is pointed and slightly elongated, and the body is short and rotund with a characteristic balloon belly.

What is the Price of Balloon Molly?

The average price of a balloon Molly is always about 2 to 5 dollars per piece. They can be purchased in any freshwater aquarium in your country or state.

It is very easy to purchase a balloon Molly because you can easily find them in any fish store close to you.

Mollies are generally one of the most popular freshwater fish sold in a fish store. Typically, a balloon Molly can thrive and live up to 5 years when they are kept in a healthy environment.

How Many Balloon Mollies Can I Put in a 5 Gallon Tank?

Balloon mollies are a lively breed of mollies, and they are full of personality, especially the red ones. Typically, A 5-gallon tank can accommodate about 2 to 3 male mollies easily. Also, a 5-gallon tank can take a male molly fish and two female molly fish well.

A 5-gallon fish tank can make an excellent aquarium, so don’t allow other people to convince you it can’t.

The main essentials required for their survival are a heater, clean water, a sponge filter, and light. A balloon Molly fish can easily and happily survive in this tank when its ideal tank conditions are met.

Also, a 5-gallon tank might just be what you need or can accommodate in your apartment, especially aesthetically. Also, having a smaller tank aids your decision and helps you make meaningful choices on the type of species of fish to purchase and the design of your aquarium.


With this guide, I hope you have found answers to your questions on how to breed balloon mollies, the types of mollies that can be bred with a balloon molly.

The price of a balloon Molly, the number of mollies that can be put together in a tank and the ideal tank conditions for breeding a balloon molly.


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