Why Are My Angelfish Dying {Top 5 Common Reasons}

Are you surprised to find your angelfish weak or frail? Why are my Angelfish dying?

Are you curious about the possible causes of the deaths? What can you do to save your angelfish from dying?

Read on to find answers to all your questions in this article.

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Why Are My Angelfish Dying?

Angelfish can die from several causes, particularly:

  • poor water and tank condition. 
  • aggressive tankmates
  • parasites
  • disease outbreaks
  • poor feeding

There are other notable reasons your Angelfish might keep dying related to stress. Tanks without a filter or that aren’t heated adequately cause angelfish to perish. It can be fatal if the water hardness is off or if no conditioner is applied.

How Do I Know if My Angelfish is Dying?

Angelfish die due to several causes. One of the most common causes of death in angelfish is poor water quality. Water in the tank can become harmful to angelfish if there are toxic materials. It can also cause their death if you do not take immediate action.

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Look for these signs:

  • lack of appetite
  • lethargy 
  • gasping for air
  • trouble swimming
  • excessive hiding
  • sulking in the corner
  • sunken eyes

Take a close view of the eyes. Your Angelfish are close to death if they are submerged. Examine the fish’s pupils for cloudiness, which is another indication that it is time to go.

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5 Reasons Why Angelfish Die

Some reasons your angelfish keep dying include;

1. Presence of dead fish

Having dead fish in the tank can cause your angelfish to keep dying. A dead fish releases some toxic chemicals that can pollute the tank. A dead fish’s body releases ammonia into the tank, which can be toxic for your fish. So, it is best to get rid of dead fish from the tank.

2. Disease

Diseases are one of the major causes of death in angelfish. Diseases will weaken the immune system of your angelfish; hence, making them vulnerable. You will need to treat your angelfish as soon as you can to save it from dying.

3. Incompatible tankmates

Complications that results from incompatible tankmates can cause fish to die. The larger tankmates will start eating smaller angelfish or bully them. If the tankmates are aggressive, they can fight, injure, and kill others.

4. Poor Water Quality

Poor water quality is a silent killer of fish in the aquarium. Fish can die if one or more water parameters are not in suitable. Ensure that you keep core water parameters in the right level. Some of the core water parameters include pH, temperature, and oxygen level.

5. Food

What your angelfish consumes plays an essential role in keeping it alive. Angelfish can die as a result of consuming unhealthy food substances. Also, overfeeding your fish can result in certain complications.

Ensure to only feed your fish with moderate food to avoid leftovers. These leftovers can pollute your fish tank and compromise the tank quality.

Why did My Angelfish Die Overnight?

Angelfish can die over the night as a result of underlying conditions. A healthy angelfish cannot die overnight, except in extreme cases.

An angelfish will only die overnight as a result of existing complications. These complications can include stress, diseases, parasite invasion, and poor water condition. In some cases, fish can also die a natural death from old age.

Stress, harmful food, inadequate water conditions, etc., can cause your fish to drift gradually towards death. You will need to take care of everything that can pose any threat to the life of your angelfish.

Before your angelfish dies, it would give signs that something is wrong. It is best for aquarist to look out for these signs to know the health status of the fish. Most fish that die overnight must have been battling with existing complications.

What to Do If Your Angelfish is Dying?

If your fish is dying, there are steps you need to take to save it from the grasp of death. Here are simple steps to take when your angelfish is dying;

1. Check and fix water quality

Water is essential to your angelfish’s health. When your angelfish starts showing signs that it is dying, the first thing to do is check and fix water quality. Checking the water quality will give an insight on how to help the fish.

To save your angelfish from dying, you will have to provide good water quality. You can perform partial water change. General cleaning of the tank might be essential in some cases. Check water parameters like pH, water hardness, temperature, ammonia level, and oxygen.

2. Proper feeding

Food is essential, even to a dying fish. The type of food you give to your angelfish can boost chances of surviving. You might have to twerk the diet of your fish depending on its condition.

If your fish is dying, it is best to feed it nutritious and healthy food. The food will help boost your fish’s immune system and jolt them out of their dying state. Avoid overfeeding fish in this condition; quality over quantity.

3. Visit a veterinarian

 If your fish is dying, one of the best things to do is to visit a veterinarian. If you tried to save your angelfish from dying and it doesn’t seem to be working, visiting a vet might be the best option. The vet will help run a check-up on your fish to know what is wrong with it.

The vet will also prescribe medications that will help get your angelfish back to its feet.

How Do You Keep Angelfish Alive?

To keep your angelfish alive, you need to:

1. Take proper care of the fish’s tank.

The water quality in the tank needs to be stable and suitable for the good health of your fish. You will also need to ensure you provide the right tank conditions.

2. Keeping them with only suitable and compatible tank mates is also crucial.

Avoid keeping aggressive fish with angelfish to protect them. Providing hiding places an also be a good way to keep them alive.

3. You have to feed them with healthy food for them to stay alive and healthy.

You also have to keep other environmental factors in check for the good health of your fish. If you notice any fish getting sick, find a way to treat it or visit a veterinarian.

Why Do My Angelfish Fry Keep Dying?

If you put young angelfish in water that’s too hot or cold, they’ll all perish.

Other factors include:

  • lack of oxygen
  • low food availability
  • poor water quality
  • cannibalism

They flourish best in water that is between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius, or 80 to 84.5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Angelfish can die if you do not take good care of them. They can also die from diseases, stress, poor feeding, poor water conditions, and aggressive tankmates. Ensuring suitable water and tank conditions is the only valid way to keep your fish alive.


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