Do Angelfish Have Teeth (All The Facts Here)

Angelfish are known to frequently nip at other fish, especially when they are breeding. Most fish do not have teeth.

Do angel fish have teeth? Yes angel fish do have teeth, But the teeth are not located in their jaw, Instead they are located in their throat.

do angel fish have teeth

Fresh Water Angel Fish

The main function of the teeth in the throat is to break down / process the food the fish has swallowed.

Angel fish are not able to grab on to anything with their teeth.

Angel fish are known to frequently nip at other fish, especially if they are laying or protecting eggs. As they have teeth can they damage the other fish?

The answer is no as the teeth are located in their throat.

Silver Dollar Fish

Many people confuse the silver dollar fish with angel fish as they look very similar.

Silver dollar fish do have teeth in there jaw and they also have a very powerful bite.  They are also in the same family as piranha fish.

This fish is not related to the angel fish in any way.  Do not get them mixed up.  Be very careful if you need to handle these fish.

silver dollar fish

Grey Saltwater Angel Fish

Do grey saltwater angel fish have teeth? Yes they do, they have small comb like teeth in their jaw that it can use to hook on to objects.

Saltwater angel fish have a very special way of eating prey. It is able to dislocate its jaw to fit larger objects in to its mouth, then it has a double joint in its jaw which enables it to bite down on the prey.

Grey Saltwater Angel Fish teeth

They have developed this way of eating prey because they have had to adapt to living in a reef environment where it is more important to have a firm hold on your food when you catch it.

Because they have managed to evolve like this is has given them an edge over other fish and has helped them to thrive in this environment.