Can Angelfish Live Without An Air Pump?

Oxygen is an essential requirement for the survival of fish. Just like every other living thing, they make use of oxygen for their respiratory process. Therefore, they need an abundance of it in their tank.

Can Angelfish Live Without An Air Pump? Yes. Angelfish can live without an air pump in their tank provided they have adequate supply and circulation of oxygen. Variable factors such as tank size, the population of the tank and other factors if they are getting enough oxygen.

The easiest way to add oxygen to your aquarium is to add an air pump (Available on amazon)

Can Angelfish Live Without Oxygen?

An Angelfish can not survive with out well oxygenated water.  It is recommended to add an air pump and a good filter to your tank.

The need for an air pump might even reduce if you have an active filter.

An air pump is an easy way out for tanks that requires proper circulation of oxygen. It increases the availability of oxygen to every member of the aquarium. However, Angelfish can still cope without an air pump if they already have an adequate supply of oxygen.

Nevertheless, if you have a full or community tank, the need for an air pump might be inevitable. Angelfish can barely survive for 12 hours in a fish tank without proper circulation of oxygen.

How Long Can Angelfish Survive Without Oxygen?

Angelfish will survive for 12 hours in a tank that lacks proper oxygen. They usually display visible signs before they pass out. Once you notice these signs in your fish, you should know something is wrong with the oxygen supply level.

Angelfish need oxygen for their survival. It is an essential gas for their respiration. They can express visible signs of discomfort when there is a shortage of oxygen in the tank.

One of the notable signs they show is that you would find your Angelfish towards the surface of the tank gasping for breath. They will struggle to take in as much oxygen as they can.

Another sign that there is a shortage of oxygen in the tank is the increase in the ammonia level of the fish tank. The deficiency in the fish tank’s oxygen level will lead to accumulation and a rise in the tank’s toxin level.

Likewise, swimming off balance and other lethargic behaviors can be a visible sign of oxygen shortage. Angelfish need oxygen and energy to move around in the tank. Without proper oxygen, they might find these movements difficult.

Also, the Angelfish will fight for survival rather than carry out their normal activities in the tank. Thus, once you find out there is a shortage of oxygen in the tank, you need to take drastic action. If you don’t make a rapid move, you can end up losing your Angelfish.

How Can You Increase Oxygen Circulation in Your Fish Tank

Another word for oxygen circulation in the fish tank is aeration. It is essential to ensure that oxygen reaches every part of the fish tank. You can achieve this through several means, including the addition of some specific facilities to the tank.

The primary way you can increase aeration in your tank is through the addition of an air pump. The air pump’s primary function is to create bubbles that will aid the even distribution of oxygen through the tank.  The use of air pumps is particularly essential in community tanks.

Another way you can increase the aeration of an aquarium is the addition of filters. Filters increase the level of oxygen in the tank by generating water movement. These water movements permit the exchange of gases at the surface of the fish tank.

Carrying out partial water change and cleaning the tank can also help with oxygen availability and circulation in the tank. A dirty tank will rob your fish of oxygen.

A dirty tank facilitates the growth of bacteria. And these bacteria will have to compete with your fish for oxygen. Therefore, decaying plants, leftover foods, algae growth, and overcrowding in the tank might be an excellent facilitator for oxygen depletion.

Another way you can improve the availability and circulation of oxygen is the addition of live plants. Just like your fish, live plants will carry out a process known as cellular respiration. But they will do it in a reverse pattern.

Your fish will make use of oxygen and give carbon dioxide as by-products. Live plants will now carry out a reverse pattern of respiration. Thus, they will make use of the available carbon dioxide and give off oxygen as by-products. This oxygen then returns to the tank, and it will be available for fish use.

Beneficial Effects of Having Air Pumps in Your Tank

Even though Angelfish can thrive without an air pump in their tank, most aquarists still don’t like taking chances. They make air pumps available in the tank to ensure the proper distribution of oxygen.

One notable benefit of an air pump in your tank is to keep the aeration at an optimal level. Consequently, it will increase the survival chance of your fish. It will also make life less complicated in community tanks.

An air pump can also serve as decoration to tanks. The bubbles they create together with the bright colors of your fish is appealing to the sight.

Some air pumps can also perform the dual function of a filter and an air pump. It will create a water movement that simulates the action in the fish’s natural habitat. It also promotes gas exchange at the surface of the tank.

Besides, air pumps have particular functions in a quarantine or treatment tank. The temperature in these tanks is usually high; thus, it leads to depletion of oxygen. The presence of an air pump will subsequently counter this effect.



Angelfish is an excellent addition to the aquarium. If they are living under suitable conditions, they swim actively. Also, their bright colors add beauty to your tank.

However, it would be best if you kept Angelfish under suitable conditions to get the best out of them. Oxygen is one of their essential needs for survival, and a dirty tank will deplete the available oxygen.

An air pump is useful in ensuring proper aeration of the tank. The air pump makes life easier and more comfortable for your Angelfish. Including air pumps in your Angelfish tank is a valuable addition.



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