Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together?

Keeping Angelfish and Discus Fish together seems like a perfect mix. Both fish originate from the same area and live in similar environmental condition’s, but

Can Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together? Yes angel fish and discus fish can live together in the same tank, Be aware the angel fish can be a bit agressive when breading and also during feeding time.  It is important to make sure the discus fish get enough food at feeding time.

Angelfish and Discus Fish Live Together

Angel fish can live in fresh water and salt water, The discus fish can only live in fresh water, So in this article we will only be talking about the fresh water angel fish.


Both fish are part of the cichlids family.  Cichlids are known to be aggressive by nature and not get on with other fish, But angel fish and discus fish are both peaceful fish most of the time.

Angel Fish Temperament

Angel Fish Temperament

Angel fish are peaceful fish that can become aggressive in certain situations such as

  • Aggression From Other Fish : If other fish are aggressive towards the angel fish it will return the aggression if it feels it is needed
  • During Feeding Time : Angel fish love their food, at feeding time they might nip other fish to keep them away from the food.
  • When Breading : The angel fish will show aggression towards other fish when they are breading, They are protecting there off spring and do not want any other fish coming close to them during this time.  It is recommended to separate your fish during this time if possible.

Discus Fish Temperament

Discus Fish Temperament

Discus are also peaceful fish and tend to be quite shy, They prefer to be kept in groups of six fish or more.

The only time the discus fish will show signs of aggression is when they are breeding.

Environment Compatibility

Discus fish are freshwater fish so it is important not to put them in a saltwater tank with angel fish.

You need to consider many different environmental conditions before mixing these fish together, I will highlight these conditions below.

To test the water condition in your tank I recommend to use aquarium water test kit strips (Available on Amazon)


Both of these fish are tropical so they prefer to be kept in warmer water.  Both fish will survive in cooler water but they will not thrive and will be more venerable to diseases and will be less active and happy in your tank.

The temperatures these fish like to be kept in are

  • Angel Fish : Between 78° and 84° F
  • Discus Fish : Between 82° and 86° F

The ideal temperature for these fish would be between 82° and 84° F

pH Level

Below are the pH requirements of both fish

  • Angel Fish : Between 6.8 and 7.8
  • Discus Fish : 6.0 and 7.0

The ideal pH requirements for these fish is between 6.8 and 7.0

Water Hardness

Both fish thrive in soft water conditions, the ideal water hardness for them is between 0.6 dH to 1.2 dH.

Tank Size

Discus prefer larger tank sizes so they can swim around and explore.  It is also a good idea to have a larger tank so the fish can separate themselves in stressful situations such as breeding and feeding times.

Discus fish also prefer to be kept in groups of six or more so this needs to be thought about when selecting a tank.

How to Acclimate

It is very important to acclimate the fish in to the tank correctly as this will reduce the stress of the fish and will minimise the risk of any issues with your fish.

To acclimate your new fish follow these steps

  1. The first thing you need to do it turn off the aquarium lights
  2. Now dim the lights in the room if possible.
  3. Place the bag in the aquarium and wait for 15 minutes so that the bag adjusts to the temperature of the aquarium water
  4. Open the bag and place some of the water from the aquarium in
  5. Wait 5 minutes
  6. Place more water from the aquarium in the bag
  7. Wait 5 minutes
  8. Remove the fish with a net and place them in to the aquarium