Why Won’t My Guppies Eat?

Guppies are the kind of fish that will eat almost anything once the right food is provided; eating help them to build their immune system and make them healthy just like any living thing.

Guppies rarely ignore foods if it has the right mixture of protein, vitamins, texture, among others. The texture is included because guppies will not eat any food that is not floating; they cherish colored and soft food.

Why Won't My Guppies Eat

Below are Reasons Your Guppies Are Not Eating

You are not purchasing the right feed: It is not advisable to purchase animal feed anywhere. Some stores sell substandard food because it is cheaper than the ones that are filled with the right ingredients.

Some guppies are selective and can perceive the right feed miles away, though flakes are guppies best food, but they ignore flakes with poor texture and low protein.

Besides, If you are buying the right pack and guppies still not eating, then stop buying feed in pellet form because it is always difficult for them to pick. Aroma and taste are essential, always refrigerate guppies feed if you want to preserve the nutrients.

Get rid of debris: Dirty aquarium/tank is a major reason why some guppies refuse food. Ensure you do a routine clean up of leftover foods periodically. It is not enough to change the aquarium water, you need to also sterilize the aquarium and ensure all debris at the bottom of the tank are cleared.

Change their feed: As humans, if you are losing appetite for a particular meal, it is obvious you will change it. Other feeds can be supplemented with flakes, instead of changing the entire meal, adding frozen or live animals/plants can go a long way to make guppies start eating again.

Another feed aquaculturist buys for guppies apart from flakes is baby brine, which has high protein contents and shrimps, as its name implies.

Another healthy food for them is shucked peas, mosquito larvae, chopped cucumber, shredded lettuce, earthworm, or blood worms (meals), ensure you buy a small number of larvae and feed them with it immediately before it matures to a mosquito.

Stay clear from live daphnia and tubifex worms: Though these are favorite food for some fish guppies, but it is not suitable for some species, and you might wonder why some are eating, and others are snubbing the feed especially if you have mixed guppy species in your aquarium.

Live Daphnia suffocates some guppies when it is introduced in large quantities, you know they are live and also needs to breathe. They reduce the amount of oxygen in the aquarium instead of guppies eating live daphnia, they start struggling for oxygen.

Tubifex worm, on the other hand, is not ideal because research shows it contains lethal bacteria that can negatively affect guppies.

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Are you sure you are not overfeeding your guppies? There is a thin line between hunger and overfed guppies. Some aquaculturists feed their guppies for six days out of seven days; this is done so that they can always have an appetite for food.

I am sure you know adult guppies also develop potbelly (excessive fat), they go days without eating due to the amount of fat. Please desist from engaging in the above activities, and your guppies will eat again.