Why Wont My Guppy Stop Shaking

Shaking of guppy is not a disease or infection, but it is a symptom of an ailment called shimmy. You will notice rough fins, yawning, head shaking, labored breathing. So why wont my guppy stop shaking?

Guppies will shake typically when they are in poor water conditions, The poor conditions can be tempreature, pH Level, Poor oxygenated water, water to hard or soft. If the water has high amounts of ammonia or nitrates this can lead to your guppies becoming ill with diseases.

Why My Guppy Won't Stop Shaking

NOTE : If your guppies are shaking you need to test the water conditions with an aquarium water testing kit (Available on Amazon) to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed

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Why Are My Guppies Shaking and Vibrating?

A perfect illustration of shaking is the sudden introduction of guppies to acidic or hard water; they will tolerate the condition for a while but start shaking if the environment remains toxic.

Moreover, many guppy species prefer warm water to cold water, this is why the heater is used in the aquarium, and those kept in cold water instead of warm water shake uncontrollably.

There is no known treatment for shimmies (shaking), though once you solved the environmental factor, the guppy’s health will improve. Drastic problem requires an immediate solution, but this is not true of aquarium creatures, it is not recommended to change things when your guppy is shaking drastically.

What you need to do is not to change things drastically, but gradual changes of water and applying the right medication is ket to restoring fish in this condition back to good health. Ensure not more than 10% of the water is changed daily.

However, guppies can start shaking if the environment is too cold, like transporting them from a temperate region to a chilly environment. Carrying them from where you purchased them to your location can make them to start shaking, especially if the temperature differs.

It is not wise to pour guppies into a new habitat; they will begin to shaking within hours if the water is not warm. You also need to carefully watch your fish after introducing them to the new environment if they are responding to food and not shaking.

Preventing Guppy From Shaking

Shimmies (shaking) of guppy is primarily caused by environmental factors that can also be solved environmentally. You need to be mindful of the temperature, water chemistry, and other environmental factors at all times.

However, it is vital to keep the level of nitrite, ammonia, and to zero at all times while the nitrate readings should not surpass 20mg/L at any time. Changing water regularly and using good filters should be non-negotiable. The temperature readings should be 75-82°F, a relative humidity of 10-25°dH, and 7.5-8.0 PH.

In conclusion, guppies are livebearers, even when the readings of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite are ideal, you might still experience shaking, especially in fries. Some schools of thought believe salt baths of the aquarium will cure bruises, stress, or bacteria that might affect fish.

Quarantine any fish you see shaking as soon as possible, then apply other palliative methods outlined in this post. Bullying, sickness, and the likes are significant signs of shaking in some species, don’t be in haste to solve it because you might worsen the situation.

Quick Fix If You Notice Shaking:

  • Quarantine the fish
  • Take your aquarium water sample
  • Apply the necessary medication and drain 10% of the water daily.


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